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    Dressage Events Information Rules specific for the Over Fences events: Clothing and Tack pg12 PNW Contest Guide Individual Event Info pg18-20 PNW Contest Guide Event Process pg18-21 King County Rule Book 2019-2022 Dressage Tests Training through 4th Level Intro Level & Freestyle tests Western Dressage Tests Safety Check Sheets: You are responsible for performing your own safety checks. Showmanship Dressage To earn a medal at the State Fair you must complete the steps correctly on the form. State Medal Letter of Intent Screenshot%20(35)_edited Screenshot%20(36)_edited PNW contest guide Screenshot%20(38)_edited horse project manual Screenshot%20(35)_edited Screenshot%20(36)_edited PNW contest guide Screenshot%20(38)_edited horse project manual References

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    About Why join 4-H? Nationwide there are over 6,000,000 members. With 600,000 volunteer leaders. Active in 82 countries. 4-H is the largest youth development program in the nation, where members learn by doing. Members make positive adult relationships, develop life skills and earn opportunities to lead. Their journey will include experiencing a club family where they will elect officers, attend meetings, help with community service, make friends, learn the importance of setting goals, while improving their horsemanship abilities. Healthy competition is important in the development of all our future citizens. That 6th place ribbon can often teach our youth more than always winning. We also celebrate the accomplishments of hard work it takes to earn that blue. We offer multiple opportunities and levels of advancement for our members to compete at with their horses. Volunteering is a big part of what makes this program work. The horse program is run entirely by volunteers. Our events can not run without parents, members and families volunteering. From hours spent setting up and managing our events, to the volunteer that comes to work 1 shift, all our volunteers are valued and appreciated. This example of and devotion to giving back is also integral to the development of our youth. Friendship is a treasure. Our members make friends that last a lifetime. These are built in our clubs and fostered over years of shared interests, shows, fairs, hard work, and the love of all things horse. The life skills gained in this program help guide our members as they move into the adult world. Members learn civic responsibility, and the importance of community service. They become experienced public speakers. Learn record keeping and goal setting. Our youth are our future, and the most productive members of society understand that the easiest way isn't always the best way. Learning how to do things the right way is the only way to Make the Best Better. Our Pledge I pledge my to clearer thinking, my to greater loyalty, my to larger service and my to better living. HEAD HEART HANDS HEALTH For my , my , my and my . CLUB COMMUNITY COUNTRY WORLD Our Vision A BLUE ribbon member with a RED ribbon project, is better than a BLUE ribbon project with a RED ribbon member.

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    Terms of Use I’m a terms of use section. I’m a great place to inform your visitors about the nature of your website and how it may be used by visitors. Add details such the type of information and content you publish, or any additional features like taking online payments or collecting emails for a newsletter. ​ Transparency helps build trust with your website visitors, so take the time to write an accurate and detailed policy. Use straightforward language to gain their trust and make sure they keep coming back to your site! We Need Your Support Today! Donate

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    September 4-27 State Fair Coordinator-Sheilla Hagedorn

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    NEW DATE August 22nd Committee- Lori Glasgow Michelle Newberg Sheilla Hagedorn Kari Ward Katie Hoff ​ Check out their website! Click here! Plans in place for social distancing New award levels added Please pre-pay to maintain Stage 2 guidelines

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    Education Education is an important part of the 4-H program. We believe you should never stop learning! We work to educate our members, and parents, at every opportunity. On this tab you can find out about our Equus Festival; where we work all year to pull together experts in multiple fields to teach classes and clinics for our families to participate. In Help for New Members; you can find lots of hints to help you make your first couple years of 4-H a success instead of confusing. And then there is the Educational Events page; where you can see all our events at a glance, and get links to the Judging Program, State Educational competitions (Horse Bowl& Hippology), Youth Merit program and Educational posters. FIND OUT MORE LOTS TO LEARN! E al ducation Events Equus Festival Help For New Members

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    Educational Events Events 1/25 Evergreen Equestrians Judging Enumclaw Expo Center ​ 3/27-29 Equus Festival **CANCELLED** Enumclaw Expo Ceter ​ 5/8 Classic Riders Virtual Judging ​ 6/26-28 King County Final Virtual Judging Patterns: - Video (4 classes) Showmanship Entry Form - Trail - Western Pattern ​ 9/12 State Judging Contest Puyallup Fairgrounds ​ 9/12 State Groom Squad Contet Puyallup Fairgrounds ​ 9/13 Equine Presentations Puyallup Fairgrounds ​ ​ Information YOUTH MERIT Fantastic advancement program for all levels. Earn a medal for each level you complete. You don't need to own a horse, just to have access to one. Great for educational meetings, to challange and inspire. CLICK HERE Judging Program You need to attend 1 judging to go to fair. Judging Manual Learning Through Judging Teaching 4-H Oral Reasons Horse Conformation Analysis Oral Reasons Worksheet & word bank For the Virtual judging, watch all 4 videos, enter your placings and reasons on the Form. You must do all 4 classes and complete the form during the open window for it to count. EDUCATIONAL POSTERS Helpful tips for a better poster click here Educational poster score sheet click here Earn a blue? You can take your poster to the State Fair. ​ STATE CONTEST EDUCATION Groom Squad Contest Rules Horse Bowl Contest Rules Hippology Contest Rules

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    Equus Festival We are saddened that this years Equus Festival was cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus and subsequent stay at home order. We hope to offer it next year. Keep checking back for more info.

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    Driving & In Hand Events Information Rules specific for the Driving & In Hand events: Clothing and Tack pg23 PNW Contest Guide In Hand Trail pg20 PNW Contest Guide Event Process in King County Rule Book p26 Driving p11 Trail in Hand/Ground Driving p12 Longeline Safety Check Sheets: You are responsible for performing your own safety checks. Showmanship Driving & In Hand In Hand Over Fences pattern book References Screenshot%20(40)_edited Screenshot%20(35)_edited Screenshot%20(36)_edited PNW contest guide horse project manual Screenshot%20(40)_edited Screenshot%20(35)_edited Screenshot%20(36)_edited PNW contest guide horse project manual