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    Calendar 2021-2022 October New 4H year begins! Find your club & join or register November December January February March 5th: Mounted Magic Novice/Showmanship (all ages)/Medals Show Location: TBD 26th/27th: Equus Location: Enumclaw Expo Center 27th: Judging Location Enumclaw Expo Center ​ April 9th: Leaders Performance Show Location: Enumclaw Expo Center 10th: Leaders Gaming Show Location: Enumclaw Expo Center May June 4th: Leaders Performance Show Location: Enumclaw Expo Center 5th: Leaders Gaming Show Location: Enumclaw Expo Center July 7th -10th: King County 4H Horse Show Location: TBD August September

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    King County 4-H Horse Program "No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle." -Winston Churchill Upcoming Events March 5th: Mounted Magic Novice/Showmanship (all ages)/Medals Show Location: TBD 26th/27th: Equus Location: Enumclaw Expo Center 27th: Judging Location Enumclaw Expo Center Join Us The premier youth development program Find a Club

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    About Why join 4-H? Nationwide there are over 6,000,000 members. With 600,000 volunteer leaders. Active in 82 countries. 4-H is the largest youth development program in the nation, where members learn by doing. Members make positive adult relationships, develop life skills and earn opportunities to lead. Their journey will include experiencing a club family where they will elect officers, attend meetings, help with community service, make friends, learn the importance of setting goals, while improving their horsemanship abilities. Healthy competition is important in the development of all our future citizens. That 6th place ribbon can often teach our youth more than always winning. We also celebrate the accomplishments of hard work it takes to earn that blue. We offer multiple opportunities and levels of advancement for our members to compete at with their horses. Volunteering is a big part of what makes this program work. The horse program is run entirely by volunteers. Our events can not run without parents, members and families volunteering. From hours spent setting up and managing our events, to the volunteer that comes to work 1 shift, all our volunteers are valued and appreciated. This example of and devotion to giving back is also integral to the development of our youth. Friendship is a treasure. Our members make friends that last a lifetime. These are built in our clubs and fostered over years of shared interests, shows, fairs, hard work, and the love of all things horse. The life skills gained in this program help guide our members as they move into the adult world. Members learn civic responsibility, and the importance of community service. They become experienced public speakers. Learn record keeping and goal setting. Our youth are our future, and the most productive members of society understand that the easiest way isn't always the best way. Learning how to do things the right way is the only way to Make the Best Better. Out of gallery Our Pledge I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking, my HEART to greater loyalty, my HANDS to larger service and my HEALTH to better living. For my CLUB , my COMMUNITY , my COUNTRY and my WORLD . Our Vision A BLUE ribbon member with a RED ribbon project, is better than a BLUE ribbon project with a RED ribbon member.

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    Educational Events Events Virtual Judging #1 now live through 6-2-21 through 6-9-21 Watch each video (all 4) After each video click on the form and fill out your placings. Showmanship is written reasons You must complete all 4 classes for this judging to count. Class #1 Halter Geldings video form Class #2 Trail video form Class #3 English Pattern Class video form Class #4 Showmanship video form Judges results will be posted after judging closes. Patterns: Trail English Pattern Class Showmanship ​ Virtual Judging #2 will be live soon Watch each video (all 4) After each video click on the form and fill out your placings. Showmanship is written reasons You must complete all 4 classes for this judging to count. Class #1 Stock Seat Eq video form Class #2 Hunt Seat Eq video form Class #3 Western Pleasure video form Class #4 Showmanship video form Judges results will be posted after judging closes. ​ Information YOUTH MERIT Fantastic advancement program for all levels. Earn a medal for each level you complete. You don't need to own a horse, just to have access to one. Great for educational meetings, to challange and inspire. CLICK HERE Judging Program You need to attend 1 judging to go to fair. Judging Manual Learning Through Judging Teaching 4-H Oral Reasons Horse Conformation Analysis Oral Reasons Worksheet & word bank For the Virtual judging, watch all 4 videos, enter your placings and reasons on the Form. You must do all 4 classes and complete the form during the open window for it to count. EDUCATIONAL POSTERS Helpful tips for a better poster click here Educational poster score sheet click here Earn a blue? You can take your poster to the State Fair. ​ STATE CONTEST EDUCATION Groom Squad Contest Rules Horse Bowl Contest Rules Hippology Contest Rules

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    President Secretary Vice President Fair Superintendent Treasurer Assistant Superintendent Executive Board Extension Agent Nancy Baskett Program Volunteers Equipment Kitchen Medals Judging Dressage Horse bowl & Hippology Over Fences Groom Squad Novice Ribbons Equipment Vacant Maintain and keep organized the equipment trailer. Maintain equipment. Novice Vacant Manage the Novice program. Provide clinics and monitor the novice riders to help them move safely into their age division. This can be a team. Maintain the kitchen trailer, provide food at the county program events. Horse Bowl & Hippology Vacant Work to encourage involvement, build teams for county level competition. Work with teams to prepare them. Groom Squad Vacant Encourage participation. Help build teams to participate. Organize county level competition. Leaders Meeting Minutes 2021 October November December January February March April May June September

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    Our Wonderful Clubs! See a club that looks like a good fit? Feel free to email any of the leaders to ask some questions. Classic Riders Gaming, Performance, Driving, Jumping & Dressage Leader - Lori Glasgow Meetings - 2nd Tuesdays in Buckley "Fun, friends, family & horses make up the Classic Riders. Taking on every adventure with integrity, a devotion to horsemanship and a grateful desire to give back." " Evergreen Equestrians Gaming, Performance, Driving, Jumping & Dressage Leader - Jennifer Watterson Meetings - 1st & 3rd Thursdays in Enumclaw "Since 2005 we have been inspiring our horse loving kids to achieve their goals on the plateau." Golden Horseshoes Gaming, Performance, Driving & In Hand Leader - Michelle Newberg Meetings - 2nd & 4th Wednesdays in Covington " Lucky Horseshoes Gaming & Performance Leader - Penny Maki Meetings - 4th Mondays in Black Diamond Mounted Magic Performance, Gaming, Jumping, In Hand & Dressage Leaders - Rebecca Roper & Brigette Schaffarzick Meetings - 2nd Monday of the month in Issaquah (near Hobart) "A wonderful group of horse loving kids, located in the Issaquah and Maple Valley area." Muckleshoot Sya'ya Performance Leader - Joan Ferguson Meetings - 3rd Thursdays in Enumclaw Vashon Rock Riders Performance, Gaming, Jumping & Dressage Leader - Joe Cunningham Meetings - on Mondays on Vashon ​

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    Help The first couple years of 4-H can feel like a fog Don't worry we've all been there. Any large program like this has so many facets it can feel like you'll never find your way. Or be able to participate in a conversation about an event without thinking "What is that?"Or when one of your veteran friends says something about Hippology.......Wait what!?! ​ Hopefully this page will help you navigate your way through the program. But don't forget you have another fantastic resource; your leader! It's their job to help you on this journey. Unfortunately, those of us that have been in this program for a long time forget how confused we got in our first years when we heard the terms; judging, showmanship, herdsmanship....and so on. So your most important job is to ask questions! The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. ​ That being said we wanted to provide you with some quick grabs of info to be at your fingertips whenever you need them. Where do I find that? Tack & attire needed The PNW Contest Guide on the publications page How things run The King County Rule Book Books & lots of info Rule books & reference materials Facilities Enumclaw Expo -pay for stall or tie to trailer, stay off grass inside facility, park outside, no horses on concrete Donida Farms -must pay for stall, no dogs, pull up to unload Green River & Meridian -no stalls, keep horses away from club houses Frontier Park -horses in equine area only, stall or trailer Novice Novice is a riding level and not an age division. It's for kids that can not safely canter in an arena. It is only present in the performance discipline, and limits riders to Dressage Intro tests that are walk/trot, and ground poles in jumping. Limited to rider's first 2 years of showing. Never leave a novice rider unattended. Age Divisions All ages are based on member's age on October 1st of that 4-H year. Junior is 8 through 10 Intermediate is 11 through 13 Senior is 14 through 18 A novice rider will compete with their age division in Dressage, jumping, driving and gaming. Novice classes are only offered in the Performance division. The letter after their number lists their age division; J, I or S. Danish Ribbons The danish system is amazing! It lets you know how your performance looked when compared with the rule book. It does not place you against the other riders. A High Blue means you exceeded the standards Blue; you met the standards in the rule book. Red; close to meeting the standards, you may meet some but not all. White; you need to work towards meeting the standards in the rule book. Being the last red called in the class does not mean you were almost a blue, they are announced in the order they were listed on the class sheet by the show secretary 3 days before the show. Danish ribbons are a true picture of how you did, regardless how many riders there were. King CountyFair The Fair is not a show, it's ran differently for a reason. It is our State Qualifying Event. We are the guest of the Fair, we did not rent the facility. We are there during the Fair, there will be balloons, rides, bulls, clowns, donkys, loud noises, loud music and lots of people that know nothing about horses. Sportsmanship is very important at all times. It's our job to show the public that we are a great program, we take good care of our horses and have worked very hard to get there. Our barn is ran by our Superintendents, Lori Glasgow and Kari Ward. Each section has a manager and a secretary. ​ Your Fair You will come in through vet check at the Big Oak, and not leave till the barn is excused at the end of your section. Only Danish ribbons are awarded till championship classes, those are placed. Do not drive to the barn, there is a tack tractor. Everyone does herdsmanship; keeping the barn & stalls clean at all times. You can not miss your Showmanship class, those are required for continued participation at fair. Barn opens at 6am, closes at 10pm. We have a special dumpster for shavings, shavings are provided by the fair. No horses or wheelbarrows down the center aisle, and don't miss the welcome meeting at the start of your section.

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    Contact Get in Touch Click here to email us directly Or fill out the form below & we'll contact you back soon! Enter Your Name Enter Your Email Enter Your Subject Here Type Your Message Here Send Thanks for submitting!

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    Over Fences Events Information Rules specific for the Over Fences events: Clothing and Tack pg12 PNW Contest Guide Individual Event Info pg18-20 PNW Contest Guide Event Process pg18-21 King County Rule Book Jump Pattern Book Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Safety Check Sheets: You are responsible for performing your own safety checks. Showmanship Over Fences References To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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    King County Fair FAIR DATES FAIR FORMS Vet check map Western Games Danish Times Entry Summary Form MANDATORY Exhibitor Fee Worksheet Dressage Over Fences Driving/In Hand Performance Gaming Medals Entry Form Fee Summary by Club Stall Emergency Card Stall Water Chart Still Life Entry Tag