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    Show Patterns March 5th Pleasure Horse Show

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    Legion Program We have 2 programs in King County for our horse members. Are you really busy? Is your kid involved in lots of other programs (PSHA, Junior Rodeo, Pony Club, WAHSET, WSH and so on)? We want busy kids to still get the benefits 4-H has to offer so you can still participate and JUST SHOW YOUR HORSE. All you have to do to take your horse to fair and be eligible for state, is: Participate in Showmanship at 2 shows Participate in the classes you would like to qualify for State in at 1 show and fair Bring any Educational Poster to Fair ​​ YES, THAT'S IT! ​ For those looking for a higher level of achievement, we also offer the LEGION ACHIEVEMEMT PROGRAM Below you'll find lots of educational opportunities, many with National level opportunities. Participate in at least 6 of the events below (record book must be one of the points) and you will earn a Legion Program vest! Presented to all recipients at the King County Fair.​ Public Presentation Members are to research and create a presentation using visual aids and present it to their club, at the King County Fair or the State Fair. Visual aids can be a power point or on posterboards or use your imagination. Juniors should be 3-5 min long, Intermediates 5-10 and Seniors 10-15. click here Record Book The Record Book is a requirement of the Legion Program. You can find it on the Forms tab. It is a way for you to set goals, track activities and achievements throughout your year. click here Judging Learn what the judge sees! You're the judge for this event. You'll judge 4 different classes with 4 horses in each class and give your reasons for your placing. Advancement to State for all who qualify. Advancement to Nationals in Kentucky for the Championship Senior from the State Event. click here Groom Squad This fun competition is done with a team of 3. Your team works together to groom a horse in a specific amount of time. One member will take a knowledge test, another shows the horse in a Showmanship class. Advancement to state for our Championship Senior team. click here Educational Poster Teach someone something in 10 seconds from 10 feet away. That is the basis for this event. Learn something and create a poster teaching it to the public. We post them on our stalls at the Fair. Advancement to the State Fair is possible. click here Equus Festival This is our clinic weekend. We take over the Enumclaw Expo Center, there are mounted clinics and horseless clinics all weekend. Full weekend participation is required to earn the point. click here Youth Merit Program This is found on the Publications/Forms tab. There are multiple levels, work to master tasks then show them to your leader to get "signed off". Complete at least 2 levels, 1 point for every tier completed. click here Equine Presentation at the State Level This is similar to the Public Presentation, however it is geared towards the Equine industry. You can adjust your public presentation to fit the Equine Presentation by working with our Extension Agent. This competition is at the State Fair. Advancement for the State Senior Champion to the National level in Kentucky is possible. click here Horse Bowl Team Do you like game shows? How much do you know about horses? 2 teams of 4 battle it out in a game of knowledge with light up colorful buzzers. Right now we only offer participation at the Equus Festival. But with the right parent volunteer this program can send our members to the State Level. click here Hippology Team Hippology is a funny word! The Hippology contest is designed to test not only a youth's knowledge of equine science, but also application of this knowledge in a competitive setting. There are four phases to this contest: Examination Phase, Station Phase, the judging phase, and the team problem phase. Members work as a team as well as individually. click here

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    Purchase For some of our events we offer sweatshirts and t-shirts for sale. FIND OUT MORE LOTS TO LEARN! Education al Events Equus Festival Help For New Members

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    Links 4-H King County 4-H Volunteer hours reporting King County 4-H Publications WSU 4-H Home Page WSU 4-H Horse Project Page PNW 4-H Judges List 4-H National Website 4-H Mall Eastern National 4-H Round Up Western National Round Up 4-H King County 4-H King County 4-H Publications WSU 4-H Home Page WSU 4-H Horse Project Page PNW 4-H Judges LIst 4-H National Website 4-H Mall Eastern National 4-H Round Up Western National Round Up Associations WAHSET Washington High School Equestrian Teams Pattern Speed Horse Association Washington State Horseman Washington State Hunter Jumper Association National Equestrian Associations USEF United States Equestrian Federation USDF United States Dressage Federation USEA United States Eventing Association USHJA United States Hunter Jumper Association Collegiate Riding Teams IHSA Intercollegiate Horseshow Association NCEA National Collegiate Equestrian Association IDA Intercollegiate Dressage Association NIRA National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Breed Associations American Quarter Horse American Paint Horse Appaloosa Horse Club Arabian Horse Association American Morgan Horse Association Pony of the Americas POA American Miniature Horse Association Pinto Horse Association of America American Shetland Pony Club ​

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    King County Fair July 10th to 16th 2023 Performance Section Registration Gaming Section Registration King County Fair Schedule July 8th & 9th Decoration Day July 10-12 Performance/Driving/ Dressage/Green Horse Sections Vet Check July 10th 5-6pm July 12 -16 Western Games Section Vet Check July 12th 5-6pm ~ Vet Check will be at the Big Oak at the far end of the south parking lot~ Horse trailers parked south of the Big Oak What is Versatility class? Class Schedule VET CHECK MAP Fair Tickets Dressage Patterns Horse Barn Map Advanced Riding Pattern Stall Dimensions Important Fair Letter Reining Pattern Camperville Form SIGN UP INFO: The sign up link will take you to Eventbrite. We have used this platform all year for our show sign ups. You'll be asked to purchase a "ticket". This is simply 1 riders section sign up. Click on "checkout". Then it will ask you for the riders info and give you classes to enter. You'll pay and should receive an email regarding the transaction. Each section is $30. If you are entering both Performance and Gaming you'll need to sign up for each one separately. Performance section does not need to purchase fair entry tickets. Camperville and ticket info is linked above Important Information Be sure to read everything SCHEDULE (tentative) Performance Monday, July 10th: Vet check 5-6pm Tuesday, July 11th: Showmanship, English classes, Trail, Dressage, Driving Wednesday, July 12th: Western Classes, Advanced Riding, Reining, Haul Out Western Games Wednesday, July 12th: Vet check 5-6pm Thursday, July 13th: 10am start, Showmanship, Running Events Friday, July 14th: 10am start, Running Events, (Booked in arena; Rough Stock Rodeo) Saturday, July 15th: (Booked in arena; Kick the Dust Up Barrel Race) Sunday, July 16th: 10am start, Running Events, Haul Out around 8pm (Booked in arena: Drill Team) ​ ​ IT'S FAIR, IT'S NOT A SHOW It's so important to remember the the King County Fair is not a show . At a show we pay to rent the facility, we have complete control over our area and we are the only one's using it. At FAIR we are guests of the fair, we are an exhibit, one of many, that helps them draw the public in to "see the fair" We don't have any control over the arenas or space we use, we aren't the only exhibit using the arenas We are told when the arenas are ours to use and when they are going to be used by other exhibits. We may lose stalls to other exhibits Showmanship is mandatory We always follow the fair rules and leave things better than we found them As with every project at the fair this is our State Qualifying Event This means the reason for this event is to qualify our Intermediate and Senior 4-H members and to prepare them to compete at the P uyallup Fair in September Our decisions are made with all of these points in mind We will be playing music, this will not be adjusted individually, get your horses used to it now (it's fair, music in the barn and classes will be one of the quietest sounds there) Having music is better than a quiet arena with sudden loud sounds ​ CAMPERVILLE If your staying in "camperville" (the south camping field next to the horse barn gate) you'll need to fill out the Camperville Form above, return it to the Enumclaw Expo and pay for your spot. This is an agreement between you and the Expo, the horse program is not involved. ​ ​ FAIR TIC KETS If you're only showing during the Performance Section you will NOT need to purchase fair tickets, you'll only need them for the Gaming Section. Link to the pdf order form is on a teal button above. Prices are different for 4-H members than the normal public. You can purchase them through your club or directly from the Expo office. ​ ​ FAIR CLOTHING Clothing store has closed. ​ ​ STATE TEAMS State teams are for Intermediate and Senior 4-H members only. We will be having a State Team Meeting for each section during that section at Fair. Performance @8pm 7-11, Gaming @8pm 7-13. You can pick up a packet to fill out in the horse barn office. You will need to turn in your completed packet to the horse barn office prior to the end of your section. This is not a promise of team eligibility, we will be following the State Team qualification listed in the Rule book. Contact Sheilla Hagedorn if you have any questions. ​ ​ PREMIUM CLASS Y ou'll be asked to select a Premium Class. This is one class other than Showmanship that you think you'll do the best in. The Fair pays you for premium points, each danish ribbon has a point value (blue, red, white). So if you get a Blue in Showmanship and a Red in your premium class then the points from those 2 ribbons are added up and help figure your premium money that will be sent out after fair. Premium classes can't be changed once showing at the fair has started. Versatility Versatility is a class that was very popular several years ago and we thought y'all would like to have it offered again. You need to be able to ride english and western. You enter the class in western tack and clothing You participate in a Stock Seat Equitation rail class When directed you halt along the rail and dismount Your "helper" enters the arena with a wheelbarrow filled with your english tack You and your helper take off the western tack, place in wheelbarrow and put the english tack on You switch to english clothing, no you don't change in front of everyone, this is where things get creative ​ Tuck your western pants into your hunt boots ​ Have your english shirt under your western shirt Have your hunt coat and boots waiting in the wheelbarrow Your helper takes the wheelbarrow back out with your western stuff Then you get back on your horse and finish the rail class english ​ OPEN CLASS We are welcoming Open Class youth to participate in the King County Fair Equine Exhibit! Open class opp ortunities: Performance, Dressage, Driving, Gaming, Reining If you want to be stalled next to one of your 4-H friends please email Lori Glasgow and let her know Lori's email: Open class will compete against 4-H members in all classes Showmanship is mandatory Open class is also eligible for Premium Points Fees are the same for 4-H and Open Open class riders will have to follow all 4-H rules Open class will be placed in appropriate age divisions (Junior, Intermediate, Senior) Open class youth are not eligible for: State Fair qualification Medals qualification 4-H Perpetual Trophies ​ Versatility VET CHECK Our vets volunteer their time and your horse must be vet checked to enter the fair, so be sure to a rrive in time How Vet Check Works: Drive all the way down to the "Big Oak" and pull in Park your trailer South of the "Big Oak" Unload your horse EVERY horse must go through Vet Check to enter the fair Remove all blankets, wraps, sleezies and such off your horse. You must wear boots and a helmet Check in at Vet Check by the light post, there might be a line Be prepared to have your horses temp taken (Start working on this now if your horse is resistant to it) You will be given an "Exhibitor Card" this should be filled out and attached to your stall (do not put your full name on the card, only first name) You'll also be asked to trot your horse away from the vet for a lameness check Once we have a group cleared mounted escorts will walk you into the barn There will be Tack Tractors towing flat beds driving around the trailers for parents to load up all your tack The Tack Tractor will take you all the way to the barn No horses in Camperville NO PRIVATE VEHICLES ARE ALLOWED TO DRIVE TO THE BARN TO UNLOAD ONCE IN THE BARN It is highly advised that clubs bed and assign their stalls at Decoration Day Get your horse settled, water buckets filled and hay in the stall (bedding if not already there) See the barn map for the location of the bedding storage and manure dumpster Parents and members need to attend the Welcom e Meeting at 7:00pm the first night After the meeting arenas are open to ride in unless equipment is set up , Junior/Novice members must have a parent presen t VOLUNTEERING We will need volunteers for the following spots: All volunteer spots need to be filled prior to starting ou r events, there will be a signup outside the office Performance In Gate Ring Steward Announcer Ribbons Runner Gaming Judges Rakers In Gate Flags Announcer Time keepers OFFICE A lot happens in the Horse Barn Office, please remember ​ I t's not a place to hang out The fridge is not available Do not attempt charge your phone in the office , there are outlets along the outside walls of the barn If the door is closed, come back later, we are discussing something important , do not enter , do not tap on the glass The class lists will be posted in the windows of the Horse Barn Office All patterns will be posted on the big bulletin board outside the barn facing the warm up arena Showmanship patterns will be posted after the Welcome Meeting Class patterns will be posted the night before, they will also be posted to this website Do not ask the office when these will be posted If you have a question, go to your leader first ​ CLASSES Because this is not a show you can't add classes but you can scratch them. There is no limit to the number of classes you can enter You do not have to go in the Championship class if you receive a blue or high blue, but you will not receive any ribbons or points for that class past the danish you earned We have to keep things moving listen to the announcements and be on time for your classes, we will not hold the gate You must be wearing the correct attire for the class you are entering or you will be disqualified: see the rule book starting on page 11 You need to wear the correct number for the horse you are riding, wearing the incorrect number or no number at all will result in disqualification for that class. In Gaming we can not deviate from the running order You have 60 seconds to get in the in gate once your name is called If you miss your spot we will move on, you will lose your run The time keepers rely on this running order to record the times ​ RIBBONS Clubs are encouraged to get Fair ribbons similar to the State Team Ribbons, for members to display on their stalls Every class starts as a Lot class, if there are more than 8-12 riders there may be more than one Lot class for an event Both 4-H and Open riders will be in every class, divided by age division Only Danish ribbons will be given out in Lot classes Every rider that receives a Blue or High Blue Danish ribbon will return for the Championship class Championship classes will be a pattern The Championship class will be standard placed (1st-8th) 1st and 2nd place will receive Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons The highest placing 4-H member will receive the trophy if there is one assigned to that class, trophies will not go to Open riders All trophies are perpetual, you get your name engraved on the plate then bring them back prior to next years f air ​ ​ HERDSMANSHIP Barn opens at 6am All horses fed at 6am Be sur e water buckets are always filled and clean and off the floor Stalls are to be kept clean Bedding is provided by the Fairgrounds There will be a dumpster to dump wheelbarrows up the ramp (don't fall in) You'll need to bring your own wheelbarrows, the fairgrounds uses theirs during the fair We are an exhibit, the public will ask lots of questions, be friendly, answer their questions, tell them about your horse Tack rooms and aisles are to be kept clean Remember that your horse is there for YOU, they do all this for YOU, they don't care about the ribbons, premium points or state teams. Show them you appreciate all their hard work too. HORSE BARN RULES starting on pg 46 of the Rule Book covers the Fair​ ONLY 4-H members (or open youth) may handle or exercise horses, adults may not ride or exercise horses NO COACHING Once your child is in their class you may not talk to them, the judge has the right to disqualify your child if you are coaching from the rail This is your child's opportunity to show the public at the fair how hard they have worked and their skill with their horse, let them shine Boots must be worn when handling/riding horses Helmets must be worn whenever riding, driving or trail in hand No horses or wheelbarrows down the center aisle of the barn No grooming in the aisle, prepare your horse in their stall, only leave when you're ready for your class If your horse leaves a mess on their way out of the barn, be sure it 's cleaned up "HORSE COMING THROUGH" this lets the public know your walking their horse down the aisle and they need to move to the side. Don't be obnoxious about it, but be sure they know you're coming H AVE FUN! Enjoy the event and help make the horse barn a nice place to visit ​ Helpful Links Stall Emergency Card Stall Water Card Still Life Entry Tag Fee Summary by Club Gaming Medal Times

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    Help The first couple years of 4-H can feel like a fog Don't worry we've all been there. Any large program like this has so many facets it can feel like you'll never find your way. Or be able to participate in a conversation about an event without thinking "What is that?"Or when one of your veteran friends says something about Hippology.......Wait what!?! ​ Hopefully this page will help you navigate your way through the program. But don't forget you have another fantastic resource; your leader! It's their job to help you on this journey. Unfortunately, those of us that have been in this program for a long time forget how confused we got in our first years when we heard the terms; judging, showmanship, herdsmanship....and so on. So your most important job is to ask questions! The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. ​ That being said we wanted to provide you with some quick grabs of info to be at your fingertips whenever you need them. Where do I find that? Tack & attire needed The PNW Contest Guide on the publications page How things run The King County Rule Book Books & lots of info Rule books & reference materials Facilities Enumclaw Expo -pay for stall or tie to trailer, stay off grass inside facility, park outside, no horses on concrete Donida Farms -must pay for stall, no dogs, pull up to unload Green River & Meridian -no stalls, keep horses away from club houses Frontier Park -horses in equine area only, stall or trailer Novice Novice is a riding level and not an age division. It's for kids that can not safely canter in an arena. It is only present in the performance discipline, and limits riders to Dressage Intro tests that are walk/trot, and ground poles in jumping. Limited to rider's first 2 years of showing. Never leave a novice rider unattended. Age Divisions All ages are based on member's age on October 1st of that 4-H year. Junior is 8 through 10 Intermediate is 11 through 13 Senior is 14 through 18 A novice rider will compete with their age division in Dressage, jumping, driving and gaming. Novice classes are only offered in the Performance division. The letter after their number lists their age division; J, I or S. Danish Ribbons The danish system is amazing! It lets you know how your performance looked when compared with the rule book. It does not place you against the other riders. A High Blue means you exceeded the standards Blue; you met the standards in the rule book. Red; close to meeting the standards, you may meet some but not all. White; you need to work towards meeting the standards in the rule book. Being the last red called in the class does not mean you were almost a blue, they are announced in the order they were listed on the class sheet by the show secretary 3 days before the show. Danish ribbons are a true picture of how you did, regardless how many riders there were. King CountyFair The Fair is not a show, it's ran differently for a reason. It is our State Qualifying Event. We are the guest of the Fair, we did not rent the facility. We are there during the Fair, there will be balloons, rides, bulls, clowns, donkys, loud noises, loud music and lots of people that know nothing about horses. Sportsmanship is very important at all times. It's our job to show the public that we are a great program, we take good care of our horses and have worked very hard to get there. Our barn is ran by our Superintendents, Lori Glasgow and Kari Ward. Each section has a manager and a secretary. ​ Your Fair You will come in through vet check at the Big Oak, and not leave till the barn is excused at the end of your section. Only Danish ribbons are awarded till championship classes, those are placed. Do not drive to the barn, there is a tack tractor. Everyone does herdsmanship; keeping the barn & stalls clean at all times. You can not miss your Showmanship class, those are required for continued participation at fair. Barn opens at 6am, closes at 10pm. We have a special dumpster for shavings, shavings are provided by the fair. No horses or wheelbarrows down the center aisle, and don't miss the welcome meeting at the start of your section.

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    Privacy Policy I’m a privacy policy section. I’m a great place to inform your visitors about how you use, store, and protect their personal information. Add details such as what information you collect, whether it be email addresses, names or phone numbers, why you collect this information, and how you use it. ​ Your user’s privacy is of the highest importance to your organization, so take the time to write an accurate and detailed policy. Use straightforward language to gain their trust and make sure they keep coming back to your site! Safety and Security I’m a safety and security section. As part of a privacy policy, in this section you can inform your visitors about how safely you protect their personal information. Add details such as encryption methods you may use, firewalls employed on your servers, or other security measures you my employ. ​ Your user’s security is of the highest importance to your organization, so take the time to write an accurate and detailed policy. Use straightforward language to gain their trust and make sure they keep coming back to your site! We Need Your Support Today! Donate

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    Gaming Show May 13, 2023 Enumclaw Expo 8:00am Start Show Manager: Sheilla Hagedorn EVENTS Showmanship Junior Showmanship Intermediate Showmanship Senior Showmanship Meda ls Key Poles Figure 8 International Flags 2 Barrel Flags Barrels Click Here To Register PARKING MAP Liability Waiver for Non-4H Showmanship Comments 4-H Rule Book Before the show: ​ There is no "day of" entries taken, pre entry only Cost for the show is $65, this covers all 7 events! Individual classes are $15 each There is a late fee of $25 for signing up after the deadline of Wednesday at 10pm Register by clicking on the link above Medals classes for qualified and eligible 4-H members are $15 each (pay separately for medals with Venmo or check at show) Show is open to all 4-H members, non 4-H youth and adults ​ Day of show: 7am gates open Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian with them at the show Check in at office 4-H'ers bring your number, you need it on your back or on BOTH sides of your saddle pad Non-4-H riders pick up number from the office Stalls are available (it's gonna be warm) We'd love to have volunteers, we will need help with gates and raking, this is an expectation for 4-H families No food will be provided please bring what you need ​ STALLS There is an event using the south parking area so there will be separate public traffic there, be careful Trailer route is the same as May 6th, see the parking/entry map link above Enter gate1 Drive past covered arena and along horse barn, pull all the way forward Unload quickly Drive out following rodeo arena grandstands and out gate 5 Park in Camperville (be careful some areas are still very wet, don't get stuck) Or park farther out in the South parking lot, closer to the big oak Do not park farther out in the South lot if you are tying to your trailer No bedding available, bring your own if you want to use it Bring your own tools to clean your stall, there will be wheelbarrows available You must clean your stall or receive a $50 fine If using a stall you must fill out a stall card and attach to your stall See the Wheelbarrow Dump map for where to dump dirty bedding DO NOT DUMP DIRTY BEDDING/MANURE IN THE STORAGE BAY ON THE NE CORNER OF THE BARN (it faces the covered arena) ​ MEDALS Medals are available for all events to eligible and qualified 4-H members only There are not separate medals runs, your 2 runs will count towards your medals if signed up If you have a novice number you are not elig ible for medals You must be signed up for and have paid for medals prior to the event to earn a medal If you qualify on your first run, and get signed up and paid before your second run, you can run for the bronze at that time. There is no exceptions to this. This is only for qual/bronze process. ​ WAIVERS Every non-4-H'er must turn in a Liability waiver. These need to be signed by the riders parent or guardian if they are under 18. You can print them from here or fill one out when you get there. You can't ride until we have the waivers turned in. ​ HELMETS EVERY rider must wear a helmet ​ REQUIRED TACK AND ATTIRE Western saddle, pad, bridle with throat latch, closed reins (no buckle), curb strap on all bits Boots with heel, pants, and helmet. Any type of shirt or is allowed. Page 38 of the rule book has all the info for Western Games ​ NOT ALLOWED Tied split reins, buckled reins, mecate reins, or anything English WHEN LEAVING Clean up all manure and hay from around your trailer, we want to leave the the area cleaner than we found it Clean your stall and dump manure in appropriate area Pick up all your garbage Be sure to pick up all your ribbons we can't save them, they will be on a table by the equipment trailer Have a safe drive home and we hope to see you again! ​ Questions? email WHEELBARROW DUMP MAP To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Patterns revealed here on Thursday May 11th at 5pm

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    VirtualJudging Online Judging Video Judging Score Entry Showmanship Pattern Trail Pattern Western Pattern Judge's Placings ​ Western Pattern Class: 3,4,1,2 Trail: 4,3,1,2 Halter: 1,4,3,2 Showmanship: 3,2,4,1

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    June 3rd & 4th Performance and Gaming Free Medals Show Weekend Enumclaw Expo Center Judge's Comments Performance Show Manager: Kari Ward Gaming Show Manager: Parking Map Patterns Liability Waiver for Non-4H Performance Show Registration Gaming Show Registration Print Class List PERFORMANCE SHOW JUNE 3RD Judges: Barb Manning & Deborah Hoines ​ CLASS LIST (tentative) Showmanship (all levels) Showmanship Medals (4-H only) Trail & In Hand Trail (all levels ran at the same time as Western classes) Stock Seat Equitation Novice (w/t) Stock Seat Equitation Green Horse ​Stock Seat Equitation Junior Sto ck Seat Equitation Intermediate Stock Seat Equitation Senior Stock Seat Equitation Adult Stock Seat Medals (4-H only) Western Discipline Rail Novice (w/t) Western Discipline Rail Junior Western Discipline Rail Intermediate Western Discipline Rail Senior Western Discipline Rail Adult Pleasure Driving Reinsmanship Reinsmanship Medals (4-H only) Bareback Equitation Novice (w/t) Bareback Equitation Junior Bareback Equitation Intermediate Bareback Equitation Senior Bareback Equitation Adult Hunt Seat Equitation Novice (w/t) Hunt Seat Equitation Green Horse Hunt Seat Equitation J unior Hunt Seat Equitation Intermediate Hunt Seat Equitation Senior Hunt Seat Equitation Adult Hunt Seat Medals (4-H only) English Discipline Rail Novice (w/t) English Discipline Rail J unior English Discipline Rail Intermediate English Discipline Rail Senior English Discipline Rail Adult Saddle Seat (all levels together) Saddle Seat Medals (4-H only) Patterns will be live on Thursday prior to the show @5pm REQUIRED TACK AND ATTIRE You can find this info in our King County Horse Program Rule book starting on page 11 CLICK HERE to be taken to the rule book . This is also found on our home page and the Publications ta b ​ PERFORMAN CE SHOW HIGH POINT Your best 2 out of the 3 performance shows will go towards your highpoint Series High Points will be awarded at the King County Fair ​ NOVICE Novice classes are walk/trot or jog only. They are for beginning riders in their first year of riding that can not canter. Once they show in their age division they are not eligible to return to Novice classes. The novice program is limited to 1 year and will only receive danish ribbons (blue, red, white flats), not placed rosettes. ​ ​ GAMING SHOW JUNE 4th Judge : ​ CLASS LIST Showmanship Junior Showmanship Intermediate Showmanship Senior Showmanship Medals Key Poles Figure 8 International Flags 2 Barrel Flags Barrels REQUIRED TACK AND ATTIRE You can find this info in our King County Horse Program Rule book starting on page 38 CLICK HERE to be taken to the rule book . This is also found on our home page and the Publications ta b ​ GAMING SHOW HIGH POINT Your best 3 out of the 4 performance shows will go towards your highpoint Series High Points will be awarded at the King County Fair ​ MEDA LS This is the FREE medals show, no cost for medals You must be qualified to run for medals You must be enrolled in 4-H to run for medals Your 2 runs can go towards your medals, there are no additional runs for medals Bronze must be earned before Silver, Silver before Gold, Gold before Supreme If you qualify for medals on your first run, you can run for your Bronze on run 2 if: The time is verified Y ou sign up and Pay prior to the run You can not earn 2 medals in the same event at one show ​ ​ NOVICE There is no novice in Gaming, novice riders will ride with their age division. ​ ​ DIVISIONS Every class is divided by Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Adult Open Youth will be entered with their appropriate age division Open and 4-H will be placed together​ If age divisions are combined they will still be placed separately Novice and Juniors are not eligible for the Green Horse program Novice are not eligible for the Medals program Novice riders are only separated out at performance shows and will only receive danish ribbons. Novice riders compete with their age level in Gaming, Dressage (intro A&B only), Jumping (ground poles only), and Cart/In Hand. ​ BEFORE THE SHOW Be sure to sign up before the deadline. There is a $25 late fee for missing the deadline If you don't know what a class is, ask Cost is $60 for the entire day If your an open rider, be sure to bring the non 4-H release Check out the parking info it's a big facility Individual classes: if you only want to enter a couple or show an additional horse, classes are $15 each For qualified and eligible 4-H kids, Medals classes are FREE for this show only Patterns will be posted on this page the Thursday prior to the show at 5pm ​ AT THE SHOW Gates open at 7am Check in from 7:30-8 Judges meeting at 8 both days , classes will immediately follow EVERYONE wears a helmet when in a cart or mounted If your entered in Trail get it done as soon as you have time, don't wait, it closes around lunch time. Medals attempts must be signed up and paid for prior to attempting the medal. Medals are only available to kids enrolled in 4-H​ Trail classes are drop in and start right after Showmanship ​ VOLUNTEERING All of us are volunteers, we need everyone's help to put on a show, even if it's only a class here and there. Help with Ring Steward and In Gate are the most important. Both of which are great places to watch your kid. We also may need an announcer and runner. Not sure how to do it? We're here to help. Here is info on both jobs: In Gate Ring Steward PARKING VERY IMPORTANT - Please click on the 'Parking Map' above detailing the way to drive in a nd out of the fairgrounds. We will be parking in the South parking lot, next to Camperville. You will be allowed to bring in your trailers/horses and unload. Everyone will enter and exit in the same direction. Please move forward, so others can park behind you and quickly unload your horse and tack and move your trailer to the South Parking Lot. No visiting. Trailers can NOT be left on the fairgrounds. You are welcome to tie your horse to your trailer, if you don't want to use a stall. Please bring a pitch fork, dust pan/shovel and broom to clean out your stall and/or around your trailer. Wheelbarrows will be available. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE ON THE GRASS. The fairgrounds has a hefty fine of $350 for driving/parking on the grass. ​ STALLS Horses are welcome to use a stall for the day or weekend . There are no additional fees to use the stalls. There is no bedding available, so you can go without or bring your own. However, there is a $50 fee if you leave witho ut cleaning your stall. Please do your part and clean your stall, so we can continue to offer these shows at a reasonable price. DO NOT DUMP DIRTY BEDDING IN THE CEMENT BEDDING STORAGE BIN ON THE SIDE OF THE BARN, ONLY IN THE CORNER UP AGAINST THE CYCLONE FENCE IN THE BLOCKS OFF THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF THE BARN. You are welcome to tie to your trailer, if you prefe r . If you use a stall you MUST complete the form below and attach it to your stall. Please leave it attached to the stall when you leave. DO NOT DUMP manure in the bedding storage bin that is on the North East corner of the barn. The manure dump area will be marked. ​ FACILITY We are very lucky to be able to use the Expo facility at a very low cost. So we want to make sure we leave things as we found them , or better . Help us to maintain our great relationship with the Expo! All the garbage picked up Clean stalls out completely after use Pick up horse poop in gravel areas Clean up around your trailer in the parking lot 3 Stall Cards Regarding BOTH Shows Performance Show Patterns Medals #4 for all Showmanship click here Trail - Gold Trail - Senior-Intermediate-Bronze Trail - Silver Trail - Novice-Junior-Green Horse-In Hand Gaming Show Patterns Showmanship Bronze #4 Showmanship Silver #1 Showmanship Supreme #2 Showmanship Senior Showmanship Intermediate Showmanship Junior/Adult Patterns

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    Publications & Forms Rule Books KC Rule Book This book gives guidence on how our programs and events should be ran. As well as qualifications. This also has important info from the state book, to help create one book. State 4-H Rule Book Also known as the PNW Contest Guide, this state level book has rules for tack, clothing and maneuvers. KC Medals Book Qualifications, rules and patterns for the medals program for all disciplines. 4 pattern choices for each medal. Project Manua l More detailed guidelines for the horse program on volunteers, classes, breeds and horsemanship. Record Books Record Book Horse Program Record Book Excel Version This book has been designed by a horse program mom, just for horse program members. It removes the need for add sheets and additional project packs. You can put all your horses in this book . This is a PDF version so you can print it out and fill it out or use PDF Filler and an excell version so you can do it on your computer and work on it all year then print out a finished book. (excell formatting for narrow margins) KC Record Book Horse Management Record Individual Horse Record Permanent Record This record book is created by the King County Association. It is set up in more of a general format, so all projects can use the same book. IF you have more than one horse you need to complete the following for EACH horse: Individual Horse Record and the Project portion of the record book. WSU Extension/ Association Record Book Horse Management Record Individual Horse Record This record book is created by WSU. It is set up in more of a general format, so all projects can use the same book. Permanent Record is included in file. IF you have more than one horse you need to complete the following for EACH horse: Individual Horse Record and the Project portion of the record book. Clover Bud Level 1 Record Book Permanent Record This record book is created by WSU. It is set up in more of a general format, so all projects can use the same book. This book is only for cloverbuds, ages 5-7. **This book will not be accepted if turned in by older 4-H'ers. Club Resources President's Handboo k Reference book for club presidents. VicePresident's Handboo k Reference book for club vice presidents. Secretary's Handboo k Reference for taking attendance and meeting minutes. Treasurer's Handboo k Reference for managing club finances. Reporter 's Handboo k Reference book for club reporters to record club activities. Officer's Handboo k Reference book for all club officers. Volunteers Program Polic y Understanding the volunteer's role in the program Horse Certificate Fill one out for every horse you plan to show, so it's on file by May 1st of current year. Can be filled out online or print. PDF Copy Code of Conduct A promise to the program that you will follow your leadership and the rules. Turned into number chair. Can be filled out online or print. PDF Copy Requirements for fair and state Confirms that you understand the expected requirements to attend fair and state. Turned into number chair. Can be filled out online or print. PDF copy Medical Release Only filled out once, unless info changes. Turned into to number chair. Can be filled out online or print. Info is not shared and only used in emergency. PDF copy Enrollment You need to do this in addition to 1,2 &3. Returning members, complete prior to 12/1 "Put the child first" Video This must be watched by every adult volunteer. Afterwards email Nancy Basekett at . Horse Show Packet Judge's Contract Incident Report Form Show Financial Recap Form Performance Report Gaming Show Report Jump/Drive/ Dressage Report Form Judging Program Judging Judging Manua l Reference book for club reporters to record club activities. Oral Reasons Worksheet Fill in the blanks worksheet to help you understand how to organize your oral reasons, with an adjective suggestion sheet. Judging Manua l Reference book for club reporters to record club activities. Learning through 4-H Judgin g Reference book for all club officers. Teaching Oral Reason s Understanding the volunteer's role in the program Horsemanship Beginning Horsemanshi p Helping beginning riders to safely begin horsemanship Equestrian Helmet Polic y The 4-H policy on riding helmets, every ride every time. Horses are Fu n Educational Program for horseless members Horse Show Checklis t Reference list to assist new members when going to a show Educational Programs Groom Squad Hippology Youth Merit Program Horsemanship advancement program for all age divisions. Horse Bowl Rule s Understanding the Horse Bowl competition. We have practice slam buzzers your club can check out. Educational Posters Tips on a successful Educational Poster for the King County Fair Hippology Rule s Rules and explanation for the Hippology contest. Groom Squad Rule s Understanding the Groom Squad competition. Public Presentations Public presentations How to do a Public Presentatio n Helping beginning riders to safely begin horsemanship Presentation Scoreshee t The 4-H policy on riding helmets, every ride every time. P resentations, Demonstrations & Illustrated talk s Educational Program for horseless members Equine Presentations State level competition for Seniors with National Level competition Working Rancher Oregon 4-H Ranch Horse Manua l Helping beginning riders to safely begin horsemanship Oregon 4-H Ranch Horse Contest Guid e The 4-H policy on riding helmets, every ride every time. Scholarships and Nomination packets Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form Club of the Year Nomination Form 4-H Association Scholarship Isabel Moe-Suzette Stewart Scholarship Score Sheet Millie Rude Sportsmanship Nomination Form

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    Terms of Use I’m a terms of use section. I’m a great place to inform your visitors about the nature of your website and how it may be used by visitors. Add details such the type of information and content you publish, or any additional features like taking online payments or collecting emails for a newsletter. ​ Transparency helps build trust with your website visitors, so take the time to write an accurate and detailed policy. Use straightforward language to gain their trust and make sure they keep coming back to your site! We Need Your Support Today! Donate

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