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    King County 4-H Horse Program "No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle." -Winston Churchill Upcoming Events Please click here to see our events! Join Us The premier youth development program Find a Club March 5th: Pleasure Horse Show Location: Enumclaw Expo Center 26th/27th: Equus Location: Enumclaw Expo Center

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    King County Horse Show July 7th to 10th 2022 Performance Show Registration Gaming Show Registration King County Horse Show Schedule July 7th - Vet Check 4:30 to 5:30 July 8th - Western Classes July 9th - English Classes July 10th - Western Games ~ Vet Check will be in the parking lot next to Camperville ~ Show Schedule Dressage Patterns Performance Showmanship Patterns Novice Junior/Green Horse Intermediate Senior Trail Patterns Novice/In Hand Junior Intermediate Senior Advanced Riding Pattern Reining Pattern #11 Gaming Showmanship Patterns Novice Junior/Green Horse Intermediate Senior 4H Medal Patterns Performance Patterns #1 Gaming Showmanship Patterns #4 Trail Bronze Trail Silver Trail Supreme Helpful Links Stall Emergency Card Stall Water Card Still Life Entry Tag Fee Summary by Club Gaming Medal Times

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    2022 Proposed Sate Schedule Read More 2022 STATE SCHEDULE Senior Performance Sept 8th - 12th (dressage enters on the 7th) Harness Sept 2nd -5th Senior Gaming Sept 14th - 17th Intermediate Performance Sept 20th -22nd Intermediate Gaming Sept 22nd - 25th The Business gotta get the paperwork done first First you need to Accept or Decline your spot(s) by August 1st Be sure to read ALL of your paperwork We need each of the following forms filled out by the state team meeting State Team Meeting IMPORTANT INFO IS MARKED BY 9 ON THIS PAGE If you have already been on an equine state team for at least 2 years you do not have to attend the meeting. Meeting is mandatory for 1st time state team members and highly advised for 2nd timers. There are a few new rules this year. Next year all participants will be required to attend the meeting. King County State Fair Agreement signatre required Exhibitor Information Form signature required State Fair Overview signature required Exhibitor Entry Card Form Stall Info form PDF forms need to be filled out, signed and returned via email to ​ Info documents: Equine Exhibitor Guide 2021 Teams Map to State State Jackets Only a state team member may own one If it's your first jacket; you pay $60 we pay the rest. First year at state; you'll get it when you show up with your horse. Deadline to place your order is TBD ​ State Jacket Order Form ​ Jacket Size Chart (its best if you try a friends on) State Clothing Gotta represent! Anyone can wear state team clothing! Let's show all of Washington State who the BEST county is. Deadline for orders is TBD State Team Clothing Store State Camperville Home away from home 253-845-1771 You need to call to reserve your spot ASAP if you plan on staying in Camperville There are no dorms available this year ​ Herdsmanship Each team member should sign up for at least 3 items. Clearly label your items with your name and King County. Bring them with you when you load in and take them when you exit. It's a good idea to bring extra shovels and muck buckets for stripping stalls. Equipment sign up forms: Senior Performance/Dressage Senior Gaming Intermediate Performance Intermediate Gaming ​

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    Help The first couple years of 4-H can feel like a fog Don't worry we've all been there. Any large program like this has so many facets it can feel like you'll never find your way. Or be able to participate in a conversation about an event without thinking "What is that?"Or when one of your veteran friends says something about Hippology.......Wait what!?! ​ Hopefully this page will help you navigate your way through the program. But don't forget you have another fantastic resource; your leader! It's their job to help you on this journey. Unfortunately, those of us that have been in this program for a long time forget how confused we got in our first years when we heard the terms; judging, showmanship, herdsmanship....and so on. So your most important job is to ask questions! The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. ​ That being said we wanted to provide you with some quick grabs of info to be at your fingertips whenever you need them. Where do I find that? Tack & attire needed The PNW Contest Guide on the publications page How things run The King County Rule Book Books & lots of info Rule books & reference materials Facilities Enumclaw Expo -pay for stall or tie to trailer, stay off grass inside facility, park outside, no horses on concrete Donida Farms -must pay for stall, no dogs, pull up to unload Green River & Meridian -no stalls, keep horses away from club houses Frontier Park -horses in equine area only, stall or trailer Novice Novice is a riding level and not an age division. It's for kids that can not safely canter in an arena. It is only present in the performance discipline, and limits riders to Dressage Intro tests that are walk/trot, and ground poles in jumping. Limited to rider's first 2 years of showing. Never leave a novice rider unattended. Age Divisions All ages are based on member's age on October 1st of that 4-H year. Junior is 8 through 10 Intermediate is 11 through 13 Senior is 14 through 18 A novice rider will compete with their age division in Dressage, jumping, driving and gaming. Novice classes are only offered in the Performance division. The letter after their number lists their age division; J, I or S. Danish Ribbons The danish system is amazing! It lets you know how your performance looked when compared with the rule book. It does not place you against the other riders. A High Blue means you exceeded the standards Blue; you met the standards in the rule book. Red; close to meeting the standards, you may meet some but not all. White; you need to work towards meeting the standards in the rule book. Being the last red called in the class does not mean you were almost a blue, they are announced in the order they were listed on the class sheet by the show secretary 3 days before the show. Danish ribbons are a true picture of how you did, regardless how many riders there were. King CountyFair The Fair is not a show, it's ran differently for a reason. It is our State Qualifying Event. We are the guest of the Fair, we did not rent the facility. We are there during the Fair, there will be balloons, rides, bulls, clowns, donkys, loud noises, loud music and lots of people that know nothing about horses. Sportsmanship is very important at all times. It's our job to show the public that we are a great program, we take good care of our horses and have worked very hard to get there. Our barn is ran by our Superintendents, Lori Glasgow and Kari Ward. Each section has a manager and a secretary. ​ Your Fair You will come in through vet check at the Big Oak, and not leave till the barn is excused at the end of your section. Only Danish ribbons are awarded till championship classes, those are placed. Do not drive to the barn, there is a tack tractor. Everyone does herdsmanship; keeping the barn & stalls clean at all times. You can not miss your Showmanship class, those are required for continued participation at fair. Barn opens at 6am, closes at 10pm. We have a special dumpster for shavings, shavings are provided by the fair. No horses or wheelbarrows down the center aisle, and don't miss the welcome meeting at the start of your section.

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    Performance Show - June 4th 2022 Performance Registration Gaming Registration Liability Waiver for Non-4H Performace Class List Parking Map ~ Patterns will be linked below on Thursday June 2nd by 5pm ~ Performance Showmanship Patterns Novice Junior/Green Horse/In Hand Intermediate/Adult Senior Trail Patterns In Hand - Junior/Intermediate/Senior Novice Junior/Green Horse Intermediate & Adult Senior Gaming Showmanship Patterns Novice Junior/Green Horse/In Hand Intermediate/Adult Senior 4H Medal Patterns Performance Medal Patterns #2 Gaming Medal Patterns Trail Bronze Trail Silver Trail Supreme We are so excited to see you at our show this weekend! Please read below for all the important details about our pleasure and gaming show. ​ Check In: EVERYONE must check in at the office to pick up their show number between 7:30-8:30am. ​ Friday • 5:30pm – Haul in ​ Saturday • 7:00am – Gates Open • 7:30-8:30am - Check in: Non-4H members turn in liability form. 4H & Non-4H pick up their show number. • 8:30am – Morning meeting - show begins promptly after the meeting ​ Sunday • 7:00am - Gates Open • 7:30-8:30am - Check in: Non-4H members turn in liability form. 4H & Non-4H pick up their show number. • 8:30am – Morning meeting - show begins promptly after the meeting ​ Parking: VERY IMPORTANT - Please click on the 'Parking Map' above detailing the way to drive in and out of the fairgrounds. We will be parking in the South parking lot, next to Camperville. You will be allowed to bring in your trailers/horses and unload. Everyone will enter and exit in the same direction. Please move forward, so others can park behind you and quickly unload your horse and tack and move your trailer to the South Parking Lot. Trailers can NOT be left on the fairgrounds. You are welcome to tie your horse to your trailer, if you don't want to use a stall. Please bring a pitch fork and broom to clean out your stall and/or around your trailer. Wheelbarrows will be available. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE ON THE GRASS. The fairgrounds have a hefty fine of $350 for driving/parking on the grass. ​ Stalls: Horses are welcome to come for the day on Saturday or Sunday or stay Friday and Saturday night in a stall. There are no additional fees to use the stalls. If they are staying for the weekend, please bring an adequate amount of shavings. If you are using a stall for the day on Saturday or Sunday, you don't need to bring shavings, unless you'd like to. We are not charging a stall fee, in order to keep our shows affordable for everyone. However, there is a $35 fee, if you leave without cleaning your stall. Please do your part and clean your stall, so we can continue to offer these shows at a reasonable price. You are welcome to tie to your trailer, if you prefer. ​ Liability Waiver - For Non-4H Riders: You will need to have your parent or guardian fill out a liability release waiver if under the age of 18 and not registered in 4H. Please CLICK HERE to print out your waiver and have it signed and ready at check in. We'll also have blank copies for parents/guardians to sign at check in. If you are registered in 4H, we already have your waiver on file. There is no need to fill out another one. 4H Medals Program: If you qualify for the medals program at the performance show, by getting a high blue, you can ride for your medal the same day. For western games, you can qualify on your first run and go for your medal on your second run. You MUST PAY FOR YOUR MEDAL prior to competing for it. You can pay $7 (bronze/silver/gold) $10 (supreme) via venmo @KChorse4H, last four digits of the verified phone number is 1476. Or pay by credit card here: PERFORMANCE MEDAL or GAMING MEDAL. Remind Text: Please sign up for Remind Text. We will use this to communicate information to you during the weekend. Send text to: 81010 Text this message: Morning Meeting: Our morning meeting with start at 8:30am outside of the horse barn by the warm up arena. This is a chance for you to ask any questions you have about the weekend and go over any safety rules. Our showmanship classes will start promptly after the meeting. Please have your horse ready to go. ​ Manure Clean Up: If you tie to your trailer, please pick up any manure left in the parking lot and take it home with you. If you use a stall, please bring a pitch fork and clean your stall (and aisle in front of your stall) thoroughly. There will be wheelbarrows available and a place to dump the manure. Water Buckets: All buckets need to be hung from the stall wall. Please do not leave buckets on the ground in the stall. Dress Code: Heeled boots, riding pants, button-up shirt or show clothes and helmet for ALL AGE RIDERS are required. ​ Required Tack: All bits must have a curb strap. Not Allowed in Showmanship or In-Hand Trail: Spurs Not Allowed in Western Classes: Sidepulls, Tie Downs, martingales Bit-less bit other than a Bosal Cavessons, nosebands or tack collars Mechanical Hackamore, Double Wire Snaffle or Slip or Gag Bit Splint Boots, Bell Boots, Bandages or Polo Wraps Not Allowed in English Classes: Side Pulls and Bit Converters Double Twisted Wire Bits and Gag Bits Martingales ​ Required in Western Games: Throat latch on bridle Curb strap on all bits ​ Not Allowed in Western Games: Mecate Reins Tied Split Reins Buckled Reins Food: There won't be food for sale this weekend. There are plenty of fast food places nearby or you can bring a sack lunch. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Roper at or 206-713-0197 ​ ​ ​

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    VirtualJudging Online Judging Video Judging Score Entry Showmanship Pattern Trail Pattern Western Pattern Judge's Placings ​ Western Pattern Class: 3,4,1,2 Trail: 4,3,1,2 Halter: 1,4,3,2 Showmanship: 3,2,4,1

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    Forms Horse Certificate Due: MAY 1, 2022 1. HORSE CERTIFICATE Have one for every horse you plan to show on file by May 1st of current year. Can be filled out online or print. PDF copy 3. REQUIREMENTS FOR COUNTY AND STATE Confirms that you understand the expected requirements to attend fair and state. Turned into number chair. Can be filled out online or print. PDF copy 5. WEBSITE FOR 4-H PROGRAM ENROLLMENT You need to do this in addition to 1,2 &3. Returning members, complete prior to 12/1. 2. CODE OF CONDUCT A promise to the program that you will follow your leadership and the rules. Turned into number chair. Can be filled out online or print. PDF copy 4. MEDICAL RELEASE FORM Only filled out once, unless info changes. Turned into to number chair. Can be filled out online or print. Info is not shared and only used in emergency. PDF copy 6. "PUT THE CHILD FIRST" VIDEO This must be watched by every adult volunteer. Afterwards email Nancy Basekett at . Horse Show Packet 1. JUDGES CONTRACT 3. SHOW FINANCIAL RECAP FORM 5. GAMING SHOW REPORT FORM 2. INCIDENT REPORT FORM 4. DRESSAGE/DRIVE/JUMP REPORT FORM 6. PERFORMANCE SHOW REPORT FORM Event Score Sheet Packet 1. PUBLIC PRESENTATION SCORE SHEET 3. EQUINE PRESENTATION SCORE SHEET 5. SHOWMANSHIP SCORE SHEET 2. EDUCATIONAL POSTER SCORE SHEET 4. HERDSMANSHIP SCORE SHEET 6. EQUITATION SCORE SHEETS Stock Seat Hunt Seat Saddle Seat Scholarship & Nomiation Packet 1. VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR NOMINATION FORM 3. ISABELLE MOE/SUZETTE STEWART SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION SCORE SHEET 5. 4-H SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION 2. MILLIE RUDE SPORTSMANSHIP NOMINATION FORM 4. CLUB OF THE YEAR NOMINATION FORM 6. .

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    Performance Rules Specific for Performance Events Clothing and Tack PNW Contest Guide pg10 Western pg12 Hunt Seat pg13 Saddle Seat ​ Individual Event Info PNW Contest Guide pg15 Showmanship pg17 Equitation pg20 Trail ​ Event Process pg10 King County Rule Book Advanced Riding Pattern Click here for pattern Reining Pattern We will be using pattern #11 Safety Check Sheets: You are responsible for performing your own safety checks Showmanship Stock Seat Hunt Seat Saddle Seat Horse Program Rule Book Medal Program Patterns & Guidlines Pacific NW Contest Guide

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    References Rule Books KC Rule Boo k This book gives guidence on how our programs and events should be ran. As well as qualifications. PNW Contest Guid e State level book with rules for tack, clothing and manuvers. KC Medals Boo k Qualifications, rules and patterns for the medals program for all disciplines. 4 pattern choices for each medal. Project Manua l More detailed guidelines for the horse program on volunteers, classes, breeds and horsemanship. Club Resources President's Handboo k Reference book for club presidents. VicePresident's Handboo k Reference book for club vice presidents. Secretary's Handboo k Reference for taking attendance and meeting minutes. Treasurer's Handboo k Reference for managing club finances. Reporter 's Handboo k Reference book for club reporters to record club activities. Officer's Handboo k Reference book for all club officers. Volunteers Program Polic y Understanding the volunteer's role in the program Youth Merit Progra m Horsemanship advancement program for all age divisions. Judging Program Judging Manua l Reference book for club reporters to record club activities. Learning through 4-H Judgin g Reference book for all club officers. Teaching Oral Reason s Understanding the volunteer's role in the program Horse Conformation Anaylsi s Horsemanship advancement program for all age divisions. Horsemanship Beginning Horsemanshi p Helping beginning riders to safely begin horsemanship Equestrian Helmet Polic y The 4-H policy on riding helmets, every ride every time. Horses are Fu n Educational Program for horseless members Horse Show Checklis t Reference list to assist new members when going to a show Educational Programs Groom Squad Rule s Understanding the Groom Squad competition. Horse Bowl Rule s Understanding the Horse Bowl competition. We have practice slam buzzers your club can check out. Hippology Rule s Rules and explanation for the Hippology contest. Public Presentations How to do a Public Presentatio n Helping beginning riders to safely begin horsemanship Presentation Scoreshee t The 4-H policy on riding helmets, every ride every time. P resentations, Demonstrations & Illustrated talk s Educational Program for horseless members Working Rancher Oregon 4-H Ranch Horse Manua l Helping beginning riders to safely begin horsemanship Oregon 4-H Ranch Horse Contest Guid e The 4-H policy on riding helmets, every ride every time.

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    Show Patterns March 5th Pleasure Horse Show