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King County Fair Schedule

July  8th & 9th Decoration Day

July 10-12 Performance/Driving/Dressage/Green Horse Sections

Vet Check July 10th 5-6pm

July 12-16 Western Games Section

Vet Check July 12th 5-6pm

~ Vet Check will be at the Big Oak at the far end of the south parking lot~

Horse trailers parked south of the Big Oak

Show Schedule
Horse Barn Map
Reining Pattern
Important Information

SCHEDULE  (tentative)


Monday, July 10th: Vet check 5-6pm

Tuesday, July 11th: Showmanship, English classes, Trail, Dressage, Driving

Wednesday, July 12th: Western Classes, Advanced Riding, Reining, Haul Out 

Western Games

Wednesday, July 12th: Vet check 5-6pm

Thursday, July 13th: 10am start, Showmanship, Running Events

Friday, July 14th: 10am start, Running Events, (Booked in arena; Drill Team, Rough Stock Rodeo)

Saturday, July 15th: (Booked in arena; Kick the Dust Up Barrel Race)

Sunday, July 16th:  10am start, Running Events, Haul Out around 8pm


  • It's so important to remember the the King County Fair is not a show. At a show we pay to rent the facility, we have complete control over our area and we are the only one's using it. 

  • At FAIR we are guests of the fair, we are an exhibit, one of many, that helps them draw the public in to "see the fair"

    • We don't have any control over the arenas or space we use.

    • We are told when the arenas are ours to use and when they are going to be used by other exhibits. 

    • We may lose stalls to other exhibits

    • We always follow the fair rules and leave things better than we found them

    • As with every project at the fair this is our State Qualifying Event

      • This means the reason for this event is to qualify our Intermediate and Senior 4-H members and to prepare them to compete at the Puyallup Fair in September

  • Our decisions are made with all of these points in mind


You'll be asked to select a Premium Class. This is one class other than Showmanship that you think you'll do the best in. 

The Fair pays you for premium points, each danish ribbon has a point value (blue, red, white). So if you get a Blue in Showmanship and a Red in your premium class then the points from those 2 ribbons are added up and help figure your premium money that will be sent out after fair.  Premium classes can't be changed once showing at the fair has started.



  • We are welcoming Open Class youth to participate in the King County Fair Equine Exhibit!

  • Open class opportunities: Performance, Dressage, Driving, Gaming, Reining

  • If you want to be stalled next to one of your 4-H friends please email Lori Glasgow and let her know

  • Open class will compete against 4-H members in all classes

  • Open class is also eligible for Premium Points

  • Fees are the same for 4-H and Open

  • Open class riders will have to follow all 4-H rules

  • Open class will be placed in appropriate age divisions (Junior, Intermediate, Senior)

  • Open class youth are not eligible for:

    • State Fair qualification

    • Medals qualification

    • 4-H Perpetual Trophies


  • Our vets volunteer their time and your horse must be vet checked to enter the fair, so be sure to arrive in time

  • How Vet Check Works:

    • Drive all the way down to the "Big Oak" and pull in

    • Park your trailer South of the "Big Oak"

    • Unload your horse

    • EVERY horse must go through Vet Check to enter the fair

    • Remove all blankets, wraps, sleezies and such off your horse. 

    • You must wear boots and a helmet

    • Check in at Vet Check by the light post, there might be a line

    • Be prepared to have your horses temp taken (Start working on this now if your horse is resistant to it)

    • You will be given an "Exhibitor Card" this should be filled out and attached to your stall (do not put your full name on the card, only first name)

    • You'll also be asked to trot your horse away from the vet for a lameness check

    • Once we have a group cleared mounted escorts will walk you into the barn

    • There will be Tack Tractors towing flat beds driving around the trailers for parents to load up all your tack

      • The Tack Tractor will take you all the way to the barn

  • No horses in Camperville



  • It is highly advised that clubs bed and assign their stalls at Decoration Day

  • Get your horse settled, water buckets filled and hay in the stall (bedding if not already there)

  • See the barn map for the location of the bedding storage and manure dumpster

  • Parents and members need to attend the Welcome Meeting at 7:00pm the first night

  • After the meeting arenas are open to ride in unless equipment is set up, Junior/Novice members must have a parent present


  • We will need volunteers for the following spots: 

  • All volunteer spots need to be filled prior to starting our events, there will be a signup at the office

    • Performance

      • In Gate 

      • Ring Steward 

      • Announcer

      • Ribbons 

      • Runner

    • Gaming

      • Judges

      • Rakers

      • In Gate

      • Flags

      • Announcer


  • A lot happens in the Horse Barn Office, please remember

    • It's not a place to hang out

    • Do not attempt charge your phone in there, there are outlets along the outside walls of the barn

    • If the door is closed, come back later, we are discussing something important, do not enter, do not tap on the glass

  • The class lists will be posted in the windows of the Horse Barn Office

  • All patterns will be posted on the big bulletin board outside the barn facing the warm up arena

  • Showmanship patterns will be posted after the Welcome Meeting

  • Class patterns will be posted the night before, they will also be posted to this website

    • Do not ask the office when these will be posted

  • If you have a question, go to your leader first


Because this is not a show you can't change classes but you can scratch them. 

There is no limit to the number of classes you can enter

You do not have to go in the Championship class if you receive a blue or high blue, but you will not receive any ribbons or points for that class past the danish you earned

We have to keep things moving listen to the announcements and be on time for your classes, we will not hold the gate

You must be wearing the correct attire for the class you are entering or you will be disqualified: see the rule book starting on page 11


  • Clubs are encouraged to get Fair ribbons similar to the State Team Ribbons, for members to display on their stalls 

  • Every class starts as a Lot class, if there are more than 8-12 riders there may be more than one Lot class for an event

  • Both 4-H and Open riders will be in every class, divided by age division

  • Only Danish ribbons will be given out in Lot classes

  • Every rider that receives a Blue or High Blue Danish ribbon will return for the Championship class

    • Championship classes will be a pattern

    • The Championship class will be standard placed (1st-8th)

  • 1st and 2nd place will receive Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons

  • The highest placing 4-H member will receive the trophy if there is one assigned to that class, trophies will not go to Open riders

    • All trophies are perpetual, you get your name engraved on the plate then bring them back prior to next years fair




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