Western Games


May 29th  Horse Program Medals Gala

                 Enumclaw Expo Center

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June 5th  Leaders Gaming Show

                 Green River Saddle Club

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                Showmanship: medals pattern #1

                Junior  Intermediate  Senior

June 27th  Leaders Gaming Show

                 Enumclaw Expo Center

                 CLICK HERE  to sign up


Rules specific for the Western Games events:

Clothing and Tack pg10 PNW Contest Guide

Individual Events pg34 PNW Contest Guide

Event Process pg17 King County Rule Book

Safety Check Sheets:

You are responsible for performing your own safety checks. 


Gaming Events

To earn a medal at the State Fair you must complete the steps correctly on the form. 

State Medal Letter of Intent


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.