Senior Performance Sept 9-13 (dressage enters on the 8th)
Harness Sept 14-15
Senior Gaming Sept 15-19
Intermediate Performance Sept 19-23
Intermediate Gaming Sept 23-26 

The Business

gotta get the paperwork done first

First you need to Accept or Decline your spot(s) by August 1st

Be sure to read ALL of your paperwork

We need each of the following forms filled out by the state team meeting

State Team Meeting is August 2nd 7pm at Green River Saddle Club 


If you have already been on an equine state team for at least 2 years you do not have to attend the meeting. Meeting is mandatory for 1st time state team members and highly advised for 2nd timers. There are a few new rules this year.

Next year all participants will be required to attend the meeting.

Exhibitor Information Form signature required

State Fair Overview signature required

Exhibitor Entry Card Form

Stall Info form

PDF forms need to be filled out, signed and returned via email to ravenscraige@yahoo.com

Info documents:  Equine Exhibitor Guide

State Jackets

Only a state team member may own one

If it's your first jacket; you pay $60 we pay the rest.

First year at state; you'll get it when you show up with your horse.

Deadline to place your order is August 13th

State Jacket Order Form

Jacket Size Chart (its best if you try a friends on)


State Clothing

Gotta represent!

Anyone can wear state team clothing! 

Let's show all of Washington State who the BEST county is.

Deadline for orders is August 9th

State Team Clothing Store

State Camperville

Home away from home


You need to call to reserve your spot ASAP if you plan on staying in Camperville

There are no dorms available this year

download (1).jpg
download (2).jpg


Each team member should sign up for at least 3 items. Clearly label your items with your name and King County.

Bring them with you when you load in and take them when you exit. It's a good idea to bring extra shovels and muck buckets for stripping stalls. 

Equipment sign up forms:

Senior Performance/Dressage

Senior Gaming

Intermediate Performance

Intermediate Gaming