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    Educational Events Information YOUTH MERIT Fantastic advancement program for all levels. Earn a medal for each level you complete. You don't need to own a horse, just to have access to one. Great for educational meetings, to challange and inspire. CLICK HERE Judging Program You need to attend 1 judging to go to fair. Judging Manual Learning Through Judging Teaching 4-H Oral Reasons Horse Conformation Analysis Oral Reasons Worksheet & word bank For the Virtual judging, watch all 4 videos, enter your placings and reasons on the Form. You must do all 4 classes and complete the form during the open window for it to count. EDUCATIONAL POSTERS Helpful tips for a better poster click here Educational poster score sheet click here Earn a blue? You can take your poster to the State Fair. ​ STATE CONTEST EDUCATION Groom Squad Contest Rules Horse Bowl Contest Rules Hippology Contest Rules

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    About Find A Club Contact Us Why join 4-H? Nationwide there are over 6,000,000 members. With 600,000 volunteer leaders. Active in 82 countries. 4-H is the largest youth development program in the nation, where members learn by doing. Members make positive adult relationships, develop life skills and earn opportunities to lead. Their journey will include experiencing a club family where they will elect officers, attend meetings, help with community service, make friends, learn the importance of setting goals, while improving their horsemanship abilities. Healthy competition is important in the development of all our future citizens. That 6th place ribbon can often teach our youth more than always winning. We also celebrate the accomplishments of hard work it takes to earn that blue. We offer multiple opportunities and levels of advancement for our members to compete at with their horses. Volunteering is a big part of what makes this program work. The horse program is run entirely by volunteers. Our events can not run without parents, members and families volunteering. From hours spent setting up and managing our events, to the volunteer that comes to work 1 shift, all our volunteers are valued and appreciated. This example of and devotion to giving back is also integral to the development of our youth. Friendship is a treasure. Our members make friends that last a lifetime. These are built in our clubs and fostered over years of shared interests, shows, fairs, hard work, and the love of all things horse. The life skills gained in this program help guide our members as they move into the adult world. Members learn civic responsibility, and the importance of community service. They become experienced public speakers. Learn record keeping and goal setting. Our youth are our future, and the most productive members of society understand that the easiest way isn't always the best way. Learning how to do things the right way is the only way to Make the Best Better. Our Pledge I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking, my HEART to greater loyalty, my HANDS to larger service and my HEALTH to better living. For my CLUB , my COMMUNITY , my COUNTRY and my WORLD . Our Mission Our Vision A BLUE ribbon member with a RED ribbon project, is better than a BLUE ribbon project with a RED ribbon member.

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    Equus Festival - April 6th & 7th 2024 REGISTRATION CLOSES APRIL 3rd @ 10:00 pm Judging Results Click Here To Register Drive through route We are so excited to see you at Equus! This event is only open to enrolled 4-H members. Please read below for all the important details about this weekend’s event. Stalls: Stalls are offered free of charge. Horses are welcome to haul in for the day or stay Friday and Saturday night in the stalls. If they are staying for the weekend, please bring an adequate amount of shavings. Please bring a pitch fork, shovel/dustpan and broom. You will need to completely clean your stall before you leave. Wheelbarrows will be available. If your stalls are not clean when you check out, remember we have your information and you will be charged a hefty fine of $50. Be sure to check out the manure dump map. There is only one specific place where you can dump when you clean your stalls. MANURE DUMP MAP Drive through drop off and parking: See Drive Through Route map above, you can drive in to unload then take your vehicle and trailer to the south parking lot. DO NOT DRIVE ON THE GRASS. The Expo Center will fine you $350, if you drive on the grass. Please check out the parking map above on where to enter and exit the Expo Center. ​ Camping: If your planning on camping over the weekend we are using the North Enumclaw Expo Center RV campground. The gate to and from the Expo center to the campground will be unlocked (gate #1), you won't need to drive around to enter the Expo Center. Click here to sign up: ​ Volunteering: 4-H is ran ENTIRELY by volunteers. Please plan on helping out at some point during the weekend. ​ Check In: Friday night arrivals - gate open at 5pm and office open 5-6pm Saturday morning arrivals - check in at 9am Sunday morning arrivals - check in at 9am ​ Remind Text: Please sign up for Remind Text. We will use this to communicate information to you during the weekend. Send text to: 81010 Text this message: @equus2023 Saturday Morning Meeting: Our morning meeting with start at 9am outside of the horse barn by the warm up arena. This is a chance for your child to ask any questions they have about the weekend. Jumping Cl inic: If you are participating in the jumping clinic, you will need to ride in an English saddle. ​ Judging: Bring a chair, clip board, pen and paper for your child to write on. This will not be provided. Please see the Education page of the website for more information about the judging and an Oral Reasons worksheet that will be helpful for the kids to have. You can find more info on Judgings on the Education page of this website. ​ Groom Squad: Kids will need to make teams of 3, there will be a sign up in the barn on Saturday. The top Senior team can go to state but it must be a team only made up of Seniors. Mixed age division teams can participate but are not state eligible and the test taker must be from the older age division. You can find more info on Groom Squad on the Education page of this website. ​ Horse Bowl: Teams of 4. Each team should be made up of one age division. You'll be asked questions and will push a buzzer to answer the question. Kind of like a game show. You can find more info on Horse Bowl on the Education page of this website. Manure Clean Up at trailers : If you tie to your trailer, please pick up any manure left in the parking lot and take it home with you. If you use a stall, please bring a pitch fork and clean your stall (and aisle in front of your stall) thoroughly. There will be wheelbarrows available and a place to dump the manure. Water Buckets: All buckets need to be hung from the stall wall. Please do not leave buckets on the ground in the stall. Dress Code: There isn’t a dress code for the event. Heeled boots, riding pants and helmet are required whenever mounted. Food: There won't be food for sale this weekend. There are plenty of fast food places nearby or you can bring a sack lunch. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Roper at or 206-713-0197 Schedule of Events: Friday • 5pm – 6pm Haul in and check in • 6pm - Pizza + free riding (provided by King County 4-H) ​ Saturday 9-10am free ride 10-10:30am Set up trail course 10:30 – 12pm – Trail Obstacle Course (Equine Trail Sports) 12-1pm - Lunch Break 1-2:30 - Jumping Clinic - Katie Pinney 2:30-4pm Gaming Clinic - Nikiah Moss 3:30-4:30pm - Horse Trail Ride ​ ​ Sunday 9am - check in 9-10am - Free Ride 10am-1pm Judging, judge Kari Ward 1-2pm - Lunch break/free ride Horse Bowl game 2-4pm - Fair walk through - Lori Glasgow Fair Superintendent, Sheilla Hagedorn Secretary 2-4pm - Groom Squad - Bunny Hatcher ​ QUESTIONS?? Contact Rebecca Roper at 206-713-0197

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    Purchase For some of our events we offer sweatshirts and t-shirts for sale. FIND OUT MORE LOTS TO LEARN! Education al Events Equus Festival Help For New Members

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    Horse Show Menu This is our landing page for all our horse shows. Here you'll get general info and be able to click on each show for individual info. Each button is listed as a "show weekend" This means Performance on Saturday and Gaming on Sunday. You do not have to enter both. 4-H Rule Book 4-H Medals Book Parking map for Expo Liability Waiver for Non-4H Wheelbarrow dump map for Expo April 13/14 Show Weekend May 4/5 Show Weekend June 8/9 Show Weekend June 29/30 Show Weekend RAIN OUT

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