This is where you will find all our rule books, pattern books and informational pamphlets. You can find specific info locations on the discipline pages.Following rules is a very important life skill that 4-H works hard to teach all our members. We rely on leadership and parents to back up that philosophy.

The 4-H RecordBook is something that the 4-H member should work on all year long. It is a log of their events, their goals and what they did to achieve their goals. Every dream can be a goal, every struggle only the path to realize that dream, and every success celebrated for the great work it took to get there. 

Need to turn something in or fill something out? Forms is where you'll find it. It's important that kids learn to be responsible about their project, understanding what information is required and why is something they can learn from their leaders and parents.Many pdf documents can now also be filled out online, if offered this is the preferred method of acceptance.

Many resources can not be covered on our website. This page gives links for other 4-H sites, informational sites, breed sites, venues, other equestrian programs, collegiate teams and many more. Many members plan to continue their equine experience beyond 4-H, these links help provide that opportunity.