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Gaming Show March 4, 2023
JR's Stables 8:00am Start

Please do not enter the arena till 7:30am

What does "Schooling Show" mean? 

  • It means that required attire from the waist down (Jeans and boots) and helmet. Attire guidelines above the waist are relaxed to allow our riders to bundle up due to the cold. 

  • If you are a 4-H'er and have a horse certificate on file you can still qualify for and earn medals.

  • Yes medals are still offered, any adjustments to this will be announced.

Before the show:

  • There is a limit of 35 riders at this show, this is because of the size of the parking lot, first come first serve.

  • There is no "day of" entries taken, pre entry only

  • Cost for the show is $60, this covers all 6 events! Only full day option is available

  • There is a late fee of $25 for signing up after the deadline of Wednesday 10pm if there are spots open

  • No Showmanship, no Showmanship Medals. 

  • Register by clicking on the link above

  • Medals classes for qualified and eligible 4-H members are $15 each

  • Show is open to 4-H, non 4-H youth and adults

Day of show:  

  • 7am gates open

  • ABSOLUTELY no horses in the arena till 7:30am

  • Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian with them at the show

  • Please park considerately, area is tight but we'll have enough room if everyone is careful

  • Check in at office

  • 4-H'ers bring your number, you need it on your back or on BOTH sides of your saddle pad

  • Non-4-H riders pick up number from the office

  • There are no stalls available, tie to your trailer

  • We'd love to have volunteers, we will need help with gates and raking

  • We'll have 1 lane set up for running events and a warm up area inside the arena

  • No food will be provided please bring what you need

  • Please don't wander through JR's barns, keep to the parking lot and arena, this is a boarding facility and private residence we want to be respectful

Events   -Key race


              -Figure 8

              -2 barrel Flags

              -International Flags


Waivers  - Everyone must turn in a waiver for JR's

               - Every non-4-H'er must turn in a Liability waiver. These need to be signed by the riders parent or

                  guardian if they are under 18.  You can print them from here or fill one out when you get there. You

                  can't ride until we have the waivers turned in.

Helmets   -EVERY rider must wear a helmet

Required tack and attire - Western saddle, pad, bridle with throat latch, closed reins, curb strap on bit

                                          - Boots with heel, pants, and helmet.  Any type of shirt or jacket is allowed.

Not allowed  - Tied split reins, buckled reins, mecate reins, or anything english


When leaving  - Clean up all manure and hay from around your trailer, we want to leave the the area cleaner than 

                            we found it

                          - We need to be done by 4:00pm

                          - Be sure to pick up all your ribbons we can't save them

                          - Have a safe drive home and we hope to see you again!

Questions? email

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