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April 29th Performance Show
Enumclaw Expo Center

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  • Showmanship (all levels) patterns

  • Showmanship Medals (4-H only)

  • Trail & In Hand Trail (all levelspatterns

  1. Hunt Seat Equitation Novice (w/t)

  2. Hunt Seat Equitation Green Horse

  3. Hunt Seat Equitation Junior

  4. Hunt Seat Equitation Intermediate

  5. Hunt Seat Equitation Senior

  6. Hunt Seat Equitation Adult

  7. Hunt Seat Medals (4-H only)

  8. English Discipline Rail Novice (w/t)

  9. English Discipline Rail Junior

  10. English Discipline Rail Intermediate

  11. English Discipline Rail Senior

  12. English Discipline Rail Adult

  13. Saddle Seat (all levels together)

  14. Saddle Seat Medals (4-H only)

  15. Bareback Equitation Novice (w/t)

  16. Bareback Equitation Junior

  17. Bareback Equitation Intermediate

  18. Bareback Equitation Senior

  19. Bareback Equitation Adult

  20. Pleasure Driving

  21. Reinsmanship

  22. Reinsmanship Medals (4-H only)

  23. Stock Seat Equitation Novice (w/t)

  24. Stock Seat Equitation Green Horse

  25. ​Stock Seat Equitation Junior

  26. Stock Seat Equitation Intermediate

  27. Stock Seat Equitation Senior

  28. Stock Seat Equitation Adult

  29. Stock Seat Medals (4-H only)

  30. Western Discipline Rail Novice (w/t)

  31. Western Discipline Rail Junior

  32. Western Discipline Rail Intermediate

  33. Western Discipline Rail Senior

  34. Western Discipline Rail Adult

  35. Reining (J-I-S-A) pattern

Patterns will be live on Thursday prior to the show @5pm


  • Every class is divided by Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Adult

  • Open Youth will be entered with their appropriate age division

    • Open and 4-H will be placed together​

  • If age divisions are combined they will still be placed separately

  • Novice riders will only receive danish ribbons​ (see below)


  • Your best 3 out of the 4 performance shows will go towards your highpoint

  • Series High Points will be awarded at the King County Fair


  • Be sure to sign up before the deadline.

  • There is a $25 late fee for missing the deadline

  • If you don't know what a class is, ask 

  • Cost is $60 for the entire day

  • $15/class for additional horse or individual classes

  • If your an open rider, be sure to bring the non 4-H release

  • Check out the parking info it's a big facility

  • Individual classes: if you only want to enter a couple or show an additional horse, classes are $15 each

  • For qualified and eligible 4-H kids, Medals classes are $15 each

  • Patterns will be posted on this page the Thursday prior to the show at 5pm


  • Gates open at 7am

  • Check in from 7:30-8

  • Judges meeting at 8, classes will immediately follow

  • EVERYONE wears a helmet when in a cart or mounted

  • If your only riding Western, get your Trail class done right after Showmanship

  • Medals attempts must be signed up and paid prior to attempting the medal.

    • Medals are only available to kids enrolled in 4-H​

  • Trail classes are drop in and start right after Showmanship


Novice classes are walk/trot or jog only. They are for beginning riders in their first year of riding that can not canter. Once they show in their age division they are not eligible to return to Novice classes. The novice program is limited to 1 year and will only receive danish ribbons (blue, red, white flats), not placed rosettes. 


VERY IMPORTANT - Please click on the 'Parking Map' above detailing the way to drive in and out of the fairgrounds.  We will be parking in the South parking lot, next to Camperville.  You will be allowed to bring in your trailers/horses and unload.  Everyone will enter and exit in the same direction.  Please move forward, so others can park behind you and quickly unload your horse and tack and move your trailer to the South Parking Lot. No visiting.  Trailers can NOT be left on the fairgrounds.  You are welcome to tie your horse to your trailer, if you don't want to use a stall.  Please bring a pitch fork, dust pan/shovel and broom to clean out your stall and/or around your trailer.  Wheelbarrows will be available.  PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE ON THE GRASS.  The fairgrounds have a hefty fine of $350 for driving/parking on the grass.  


Horses are welcome to use a stall for the day on Saturday. Stalls are not available on Friday night. There are no additional fees to use the stalls.  There is no bedding available, so you can go without or bring your own.  However, there is a $50 fee if you leave without cleaning your stall.  Please do your part and clean your stall, so we can continue to offer these shows at a reasonable price.  You are welcome to tie to your trailer, if you prefer. If you use a stall you MUST complete the form below and attach it to your stall. Please leave it attached to the stall when you leave.

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