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Marble Surface

February 26th Performance Show
Enumclaw Expo Center


  • Showmanship (N) (GH) patterns

  • Showmanship Medals

  • Hunt Seat Equitation (N) (GH)

  • Hunt Seat Medals

  • English Discipline Rail

  • Saddle Seat

  • Saddle Seat Medals

  • English Pleasure

  • Driving

  • Trail (N) (GH) patterns

  • Bareback (N)

  • Western Pleasure

  • Stock Seat Equitation (N) (GH)

  • Stock Seat Medals

  • Western Discipline Rail

  • Reining pattern


  • Every class is divided by Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Adult

  • Open Youth will be entered with their appropriate age division

    • Open and 4-H will be placed together​

  • If divisions are combined they will still be placed separately

  • Novice may ONLY enter classes with (N)

    • Novice riders will only receive danish ribbons​

  • Green Horse may ONLY enter classes with (GH)


  • Your best 3 out of the 4 performance shows will go towards your highpoint

  • Series High Points will be awarded at the King County Fair

Patterns will be live on Thursday February 23rd

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