The first several years of 4-H can feel like a fog. Don't worry we've all been there! Any large program like this has so many facets it can feel like you'll never find your way or be able to particiapte in a conversation about an event without thinking "What is that!?!" or when one of your veteran friends says something about hippology.......WAIT, WHAT?

Hopefully, this page will help you to navagate your way through the program. But remember you have another fantastic resource......your leader. It's their job to help you on this journey, but those of us that have been in this program often forget what it was like to be confused when we hear words like judging......showmanship.....public presentation and so on. So NEVER hesitate to ask questions! 
Remember, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!
That being said we wanted to provide you with some quick links that you can use as much as you want. 


"Making The Best Better"
Quick help for the new 4-H'er
CLICK HERE to answer questions about what your horse needs to have to show

CLICK HERE to answer questions about what your child needs to wear to show

CLICK HERE for a check list for what to put in the trailer for horse shows

CLICK HERE for a definition list (yes all those weird words you keep hearing at your meetings)


Please click on this link for age division breakdowns

  • Novice is a riding level NOT an age division. So your rider can be a Novice Junior or a regular Junior.
  • Novice riders can be in any age division. 
  • Novice is defined as a rider that can not safely controll their horse at the canter/lope. 
  • They can only be in their 1st year of showing but can be a novice for up to 2 years.
  • If the rider has ever shown in 4-H in their regualr age divisions they are not eligible to be a Novice.
  • Novice riders are encouaged to attempt to safely canter/lope in the practice arena, under parent supervision. 
  • Always be present when your novice is riding or handling a horse. 
  • Novice riders only walk and trot/jog in their classes, classes are limited to 11 riders.
  • Danish ribbons are an award that tells you how you place against the standards in the rule book, they don't place you against others in your class.
  • High Blue-exceeds the standards set for your age division and riding level 
  • Blue-meets standards
  • Red-close to meeting standards, may meet some but not all
  • White-needs to work towards meeting standards in the rule book.
  • The order they are announced is all whites first, followed by all reds, then blues then high blues. They are announced in the order they are written on the forms by the secretary, not in the order they are placed. Remember there are no placings with danish ribbons. The last red announced before the blue ribbons start does not mean that rider was almost a blue.
  • The 1st-8th place ribbons that are also awarded place the rider against the others in their class. 
  • The important thing to remember about Danish ribbons is they are a true statement as to how you performed in the class regardless how many riders there are in the class.
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