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Current Year Program Calendar
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​2018-2019 Program Year
All dates for shows, clinics, and events are subject to change based on the availability of venues, judges, clinicians, weather, etc. Program deadlines in brown.
WAHSET dates are listed at the bottom of this calendar

October 2018
3 Fall Kick Off Meeting Auburn First United Methodist Church 7pm
13 Fall at the Farm Triple J
18 Leaders Meeting 7pm Green River Saddle Club

November 2018
8 Tack Sale Training 7pm Muckleshoot Library
10 Tack Sale Training 10am Green River Saddle Club
17 next SpecTackUlar Tack Sale  FLYER
29 Leaders Meeting 7pm Green River Saddle Club

December 2018
no leaders meeting

January 2019
17 Leaders Meeting 7pm Enumclaw Library
26 Evergreen Equestrians Judging at Enumclaw Expo Center (covered arena) FLYER

February 20219
21 Leaders Meeting 7pm Green River Saddle Club

March 2019
​8-10 Equus Festival  click here
9 Judging Enumclaw Expo center 6pm
28 Leaders Meeting 7pm
23 Mounted Magic Novice and Medals show Triple J Click here

April 2019
6 Leaders Performance with Dressage/Jumping/Driving show to follow at Donida Farms
25 Leaders Meeting 7pm Green River Saddle Club

May 2019
4 Leaders Gaming Show location Enumclaw Expo Center SIGN UP
11 Vashon Rock Riders Shaggy Horse Show Performance & Over Fences SIGN UP
23 Leaders Meeting 7pm Green River Saddle Club

June 2019​
1 Leaders Performance show​ Enumclaw Expo Center  SIGN UP
2 Leaders Gaming show Enumclaw Expo Center  SIGN UP
8 Vashon Rock Riders Dressage and Over Fences  SIGN UP
9 Leaders Dressage/Jumping/Driving show Green River Saddle Club  SIGN UP
20 Leaders Meeting 7pm Green River Saddle Club
26 King County Final Judging 6pm Triple J in Issaquah
29 Classic Riders Performance show Enumclaw Expo Center  SIGN UP
​30 Classic Riders Gaming Show Enumclaw Expo Center  SIGN UP

July 2019
13 Stall Decorating 10-4
14 Dressage Enters King County Fair vet check 5-6pm
16 Performance Enters King County Fair vet check 5-6pm
18 Gaming Enters King County Fair vet check 6-7pm
20 Kick The Dust Up Open Barrel Race

August 2019
7  EE & MM Gaming Medals Show GRSC 5:30pm SIGN UP
21 CR Performance Medals Gala at GRSC SIGN UP 
22-24 Enumclaw Pro Rodeo

September 2019
4 Senior Dressage Enters 5-7pm
5 Senior Performance Enters 5-7pm
7 Groom Squad, judging Senior Dressage exits 2pm
9 Senior Performance exits 2pm
10 Harness enters 5-7pm
11 Harness exits 2pm, Senior Gaming enters 5-7pm 
15 Senior gaming exits 2pm, Intermediate Performance/Dressage enters 5-7pm
19 Intermediate Performance/Dressage exits 2pm, Intermediate Gaming enters 5-7pm
22 Intermediate gaming exits 8pm

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For planning purposes here are the WAHSET meet dates for 2019, there are large amounts of kids from our program in BOTH districts.
February 14-17
February 21-24
March 14-17
March 21-24
April 18-24
April 25-28
May 16-19 STATE
June 13-16 PNWIC

#3 February 13-17
#2 meet TBA
#2 March 12-15
#3 meet TBA
#2 April 16-19
#3 April 23-26