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Are you interested in joining a King County 4-H Horse Club?  
Check out our Club page to find contact info for clubs in your area or with your interests!

The King County 4-H horse program is part of the King County 4-H Association which includes a variety of clubs in different program areas.  To find out  information about clubs in other projects or starting a new club, 
please contact our Extension Educator Nancy Baskett 

Email: nbaskett@wsu.edu            Phone: (253) 224-2884 
HOME PAGE....Welcome!

All members need a number for every horse they are showing in 4-H.
Leaders will request all numbers at the beginning of the year.
New numbers can be assigned to any new horses and members at any time.
Horse Certificates must be turned in before a rider can show a horse.
Contact Sheilla Hagedorn at ravenscraige@yahoo.com for new numbers
Number assignments will be assigned in the following order:
            Novice                      Junior                        Intermediates                        Seniors
             1-99                        100-199                         200-399                             400-599

Novice riders must also have their age division following their number.
Example for a Senior Novice 14-S

  • Your number will be your responsibility to provide for yourself shows do not provide it.
  • If you print it out use Ariel font in size 300 bold
  • If you pin your number to your pad you must have one on each side of your horse

Please remember when asking for a number, the following information is necessary for you to get your number:

  • Riders full name, not just a first name
  • Horses name, registered(if they have one) and "barn" name (Barn name is their everyday name not the name of their barn)
  • Age division, are they a Junior, Intermediate or Senior
  • Are they a Novice rider?
Requests for numbers can not be met unless all of this info is given


to log in your volunteer hours!
It's very important for all enrolled volunteers to log in their volunteer hours by clicking on the link to the left and entering when you have volunteered. It helps for our Extension office to be able to show how hard our volunteers work to create and maintain such a great program. If you need help just ask :)    The password is: password!
COMMUNICATION: Be sure you are getting all the info when we send it out. Here are the forms of communication we use. We do everything we can to get information out to our members, however, you need to request to be added to each of them except the website. Don't miss out on important info! This is for active current members of King County Horse 4-H only.

Facebook: King County 4-H Horse
State Teams Facebook: King County 4-H Horse State Teams (only for those on a state team)
Group Email: kc4-hhorse@yahoogroups.com
Online: This website, book mark it: www.kc4-hhorse.com
Email: kc4hhorse@yahoo.com
Remind: text @heedeg to 81010 PARENTS ONLY (Please register with your name, unrecognizable nick names or members that register will be removed)

If you are a new member or even just confused about anything, please check out our HELP! tab to the left.......
Lots of juicy info!
We need your help at these fundraisers to be able to continue to provide all the opportunities that are available to our members. 
Shows, Educational events, Scholarships, Awards, Trailer Maintenance, Equipment, Fair, 
State Coats, ribbons and SO much more!

               RODEO KITCHEN                 SPECTACKULAR TACK SALE
                                                          August 27-29 2020                           ​                 FALL OF 2020
  • Classic Riders Virtual Judging, judges placings and comments posted to Education tab!!!
  • Horse Certificates can now be filled out online. Check out the Forms tab added 4-5-20 
  • March leaders meeting minutes posted to the Horse Comm Docs page added 4-24-20
  • To receive updates via text please join our horse program Remind (parents/guardians only) text @heedeg to 81010 You need to register with your name, members, and nick names will be removed.
It's time to ENROLL!! Click Here to do the online enrollment for the King County 4-H program (also found on the forms tab)

Be sure to fill out and sign forms 1-3 on the Forms tab for the Horse Program enrollment
CLICK HERE To view the power point from the Kick Off  meeting.
Classic Riders Virtual Judging this May 8-10
Check out the Education tab for more instructions