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Are you interested in joining a King County 4-H Horse Club?  
Check out our Club page to find contact info for clubs in your area or with your interests!

The King County 4-H horse program is part of the King County 4-H Association which includes a variety of clubs in different program areas.  To find out  information about clubs in other projects or starting a new club, please contact our Extension Educator Nancy Baskett 
Email: nbaskett@wsu.edu            Phone: (253) 224-2884 

King County 4-H Association Newsletter
Published June 2015

News and Upcoming Events
  • January Leaders Meeting minutes posted to the Horse Committee Docs link click here 1-26-16
  • 4-H Campout dates added to the calendar added 1-31-16
  • Golden Horse shoes Judging flyer added to the Education and Calendar pages or click here added 1-22-16

We're off to a great start!
Don't forget:

Enrollment paperwork on Forms page is complete! For a 4-H member to be eligible to participate in 4-H activities they must have completed all of the following:
-Complete the online enrollment or re-enrollment
-Club leader to send in fees using the Enrollment Fee Worksheet to the extension office and it's             received. Only members need to pay $11, resource and club leaders have no fees.
-Fill out and sign the Medical Relase Form (club leader to keep copy) turn in to Horse Board
-Read and sign the Requirements Checklist and Code of Conduct and turn in to Horse Board

Enrollment Paperwork is on the Forms Tab
Every member will need to have a signed the following 3 documents:
1. Code of Conduct
2. Medical Release form (you only need to fill out 1 this year!) link will be up soon
3. Requirements Checklist
turned in to the Vice President

The 2015-2016 Calendar is updated!
There are a few dates that still say "tentative" but we have SO much planned for this year! And more to come! 

All members need a number for every horse they are showing in 4-H.
Leaders will request all numbers at the beginning of the year.
New numbers can be assigned to any new horses and members at any time.
Horse Certificates must be turned in before a rider can show a horse.
Contact Sheilla Hagedorn at ravenscraige@yahoo.com for new numbers
Number assignments will be assigned in the following order:
Novice                      Junior                        Intermediates                        Seniors
1-99                        100-199                         200-399                             400-599

Novice riders must also have their age division following their number.
Example for a Senior Novice 14-S

  • Your number will be your responsibility to provide for yourself shows do not provide it.
  • If you print it out use Ariel font in size 300 bold
  • If you pin your number to your pad you must have one on each side of your horse

Please remember when asking for a number, the following information is necessary for you to get your number:

  • Riders full name, not just a first name
  • Horses name, registered(if they have one) and "barn" name (Barn name is their everyday name not the name of their barn)
  • Age division, are they a Junior, Intermediate or Senior
  • Are they a Novice rider?
Requests for numbers can not be met unless all of this info is given


to log in your volunteer hours!
It's very important for all enrolled volunteers to log in their volunteer hours by clicking on the link to the left and entering when you have volunteered. It helps for our Extension office to be able to show how hard our volunteers work to create and maintain such a great program. If you need help just ask :)